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Many are the lies spread by the Arab media and enthusiastically repeated by western media about so called massacres that Israel would have perpetrated. One of the major false accusations of massacre was that of Jenin, in April 2002. Here is a sample of a letter sent to a newspaper:

Dear Sir,

Even an unfriendly-to-Israel UN Committee had no choice but to declare clearly (though not too loudly) that Israel has NOT committed any massacre of any sort in Jenin in April 2002, in strong contrast to what the Palestinians claimed based on their straightforward LIES and on their 10 to 60-times exaggerations. Many Western media sources endlessly parroted these blood libels without any honest checking.

On the other hand, the Palestinians did commit several massacres: the intentional killing of as many Israeli civilians as they could, children, women, elderly and absolute non-combatants, in religious dinners, in schoolyards, where ever. In the one month of  March  2002 alone 120 Israeli civilians were deliberately killed, twice the number of the victims of 11th of September, relative to the size of the population of Israel.

How come, that all this is not crystal clear to the public in the world, in the West and in the media?

Who is exaggerating wildely or keeps silent so selectively?  WHO is covering up the Arabs massacring non-muslims in Sudan, civilians in Israel, and in several places elsewhere?

WHO are those who even adversely misrepresent murderous terror acts, manipulating sympathy to terrorists through the tears of the murderer's mother?


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