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Fight against Terror

Israeli Preemptive Strikes - Essential and Justified

Israel''s self-interest demands that the government protect its inhabitants from the murderous attacks of Palestinian suicide terrorists and other forms of assault...

Demolition of Terrorists' Houses Near Jenin - for a bomb of 15 Kgs explosive device at a baby carriage

As part of the ongoing battle against the terror infrastructure, IDF forces demolished last night the houses of Muhamed Fathi Dib Ayosh and Basem Mustafa Asad Abid, two Fatah operatives, in Arabeh, south west of Jenin...

On the legality and necessity of demolition of houses in Rafah area

The Oslo Accords (1994-1995) granted the Palestinian Authority control over most of the Gaza Strip. The agreements specified that the IDF would continue to control a narrow strip in between the area under Palestinian control and the border with Egypt, called the "Philadelphi Route. On both sides of the route are the towns of the Palestinian Rafah and the Egyptian Rafah...

Assassinations or Legal killings

I believe we have two morally and legally firm answers to two frequently asked questions: first whether Israel has right to kill a terror-organization leader, like Sheik Yassin this time? Secondly, can the human collateral damage, that is the killing of innocent by-standers be pardoned by any purposes of any war?

Feeding the crocodile

Today I read that you described the targeted killing of Sheikh Yassin as "unacceptable" and "unjustified". Let me remind you of an expression that if I am correct was the wisdom of a great British leader, Sir Winston Churchill: "Appeasement is like feeding the crocodile in hopes that it will eat you last."

Letter to Kofi Anan, Secretary General of The United Nations

Your well meant TV advice to Israel, to negotiate with Hamas rather than pre-empt their terror attacks, is unfortunately unrealistic for the simple reason that Hamas completely rejects any solution other than the destruction of Israel. Article 13 of its covenant unambiguously states "Initiatives, and so-called peaceful solutions and international conferences, are in contradiction to the principles of the Islamic Resistance Movement...

Ahmed Yassin, leader of Hamas terrorist organization

The founder and leader of the Hamas terrorist organization, Ahmed Yassin, was killed today in the northern Gaza Strip. Yassin was the leader and mentor of Hamas in the territories, and the authorizing and initiating authority for all Hamas terrorist attacks emanating from the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Although he was not a religious authority, many named him "Sheikh Yassin," for his status as leader of Hamas...

Alan Dershowitz on the "Yassin case" on TV

Alan Dershowitz is an American civil rights libertarian, Harvard University law professor and a leading defence attorney, as well as a supporter - sometimes a critical supporter - of Israel. In his latest book The Case for Israel, Professor Dershowitz defends Israel''s right to exist, and its right to protect its citizens from terrorism and its borders from hostile enemies...

Shed no tears over the killing of the sheikh of hate

SIXTY-TWO years ago the British Government pulled off one of its most daring wartime coups in the heart of Nazi-occupied Europe. A team of four agents, backed by the Czech Government in exile and trained by MI6, succeeded in assassinating Reinhard Heydrich, the Nazi governor of Bohemia and Moravia whose brutal rule had earned him the title, "the Butcher of Prague"...

Pediatrician turned Hamas leader

The HAMAS organization they founded, is however, still very much alive. Hamas,.an acronym in Arabic for "Islamic Resistance Movement is essentially a terror movement, using politics and social welfare as a cover. To thousands living in poverty in the West Bank and Gaza, it is the provider of schooling, food and blankets...

Bank of England ordered to freeze Hamas officials' assets

The British Chancellor of the Exchequer on Wednesday ordered the Bank of England to freeze any assets of five senior Hamas members, including Abdel Aziz Rantisi, the group''s new leader in the Gaza Strip...

Remembering Rantisi On Israel's Holocaust Day

While we mark Holocaust Memorial Day here in Israel, can we place this day in the context of current events?
On Saturday, Israel disposed of a bitter enemy, the head of Hamas, Dr. Abdel Aziz Rantisi. Around the world we hear that this targeted killing is unjust, unlawful and counter-productive.

Targeting Terrorist Leaders

Your writer complains on Israel eliminating terrorist leaders, calling these operations as ''assassinations''.
These targeted killings are indeed an ugly business, but war is always an ugly business, particularly against terrorists who deliberately target civilians and use civilians as human shields...

Reader's Letter - Suicide bombers and Kamikazes

Sir, - First, a heartfelt compliment from an addict to quality media. After a week in Europe, reading about 20 leading daily papers there, to read my April 23 Jerusalem Post was pure joy - not only because I was home, but because of a good intellectual challenge...

Terror is finally defined by the UN

Fight against global terror has been hampered by lack of a generally accepted definition of terror. "Political correctness" says sometimes that one man''s terrorist is another man''s freedom fighter - though it sounds non-sense that somebody can call freedom fighters those Palestinian gunmen who in a roadside ambush stopped and killed from point-blank range Tali Hatueli (32) and her 4 little children aged 2 to 9. The Arafat regime did call them "the best of our sons"...
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