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Israel: A country coping with Terror

No Tears for Hamas Terrorist Leader

EXCUSE me for not sending flowers to the funeral of the terrorist the Israelis bumped off in Dubai. Unlike the bleeding hearts in the liberal media I’m not shedding any tears.


Travels with Blondi: A bereaved Israeli father keeps his murdered son’s memory alive and asks others to live out his dreams

When did Palestinian terror really start?

In her lecture at University of Amsterdam, 22 November 2002, Prof Reinhart said ( and I quote her exact words) "Israel defines its military action as a necessary defense against terrorism. But in fact, the first Palestinian terrorist attack on Israeli civilians inside Israel occurred on November 2, 2000...

Reader's Letter - Suicide bombers and Kamikazes

Sir, - First, a heartfelt compliment from an addict to quality media. After a week in Europe, reading about 20 leading daily papers there, to read my April 23 Jerusalem Post was pure joy - not only because I was home, but because of a good intellectual challenge...

Terror is finally defined by the UN

Fight against global terror has been hampered by lack of a generally accepted definition of terror. "Political correctness" says sometimes that one man''s terrorist is another man''s freedom fighter - though it sounds non-sense that somebody can call freedom fighters those Palestinian gunmen who in a roadside ambush stopped and killed from point-blank range Tali Hatueli (32) and her 4 little children aged 2 to 9. The Arafat regime did call them "the best of our sons"...

Sample letter on calling Palestinian terrorists by whitewashing names like "activists" or "militants"

I agree with your analysis that after Arafat''s death there is a long-awaited opportunity to seek peace between Palestinians and Israel. But peace can not come until terror stops and your writer solves this problem a bit too simply; by not calling the terrorists who killed 5 young Israeli civilians and injured 49 at a Tel-Aviv disco what they are; "terrorists". You call them militants" and even "Islamic Jihad activists" and that is like white-washing terrorism...

New York, Bali, Madrid, Israel

To kill is always bad, but to kill a terrorist or a terrorist leader, like Sheik Yassin, whose decisions caused and may cause the death of many innocent people, is right and necessary. The Israeli-style targeted killing of a terrorist by a precision rocket, reducing harm to by-standers to a minimum, seems to be the least bad way to do it. An alternative would be to try to arrest them which in most cases could cause much more collateral casualties, due to their deliberate hiding among civilians...

Fight against Terror

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