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Take A Pen for the truth about Israel
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Law & Justice

Occupied Territories

What is the REAL international legal status of Yehuda and Shomron? Is or is not Israel''s occupation of the West Bank illegal by international law !? ...

Overview of Five Semi-Legal Studies about BBC News malpractices by Take-A-Pen to the Impartiality Review on BBC's Israeli-Palestinian coverage.

In media-watch circles, worried and upset about the BBC News'' reporting being so heavily biased against Israel, it used to be well-known that the BBC News operating management routinely ignored, if not arrogantly rejected, any complaint, be it as scholarly researched as the world-famous Bbcwatch Reports...

"Legal Issues of the Fence" - a Summary

Here are the most frequent PR attacks on Israel''s Security Fence, and appropriate answers.
a. Accusations that it is a "Wall" or "Separation Wall" or "Apartheid Wall" -
b. The suffering caused to those Palestinians who are being separated from their fields and from each other
c. The view that where the fence is built East of the green line, Israel is "illegally grabbing Palestinian land"
d. "The construction of the fence undermines Oslo"

Israeli Settlements and International Law

Jewish settlement in West Bank and Gaza Strip territory has existed from time immemorial and was expressly recognized as legitimate in the Mandate for Palestine adopted by the League of Nations, which provided for the establishment of a Jewish state in the Jewish people''s ancient homeland...

Legal Aspects of targeted killings

Your writer complains on Israel eliminating terrorist leaders, calling these operations as ''assassinations''.
These targeted killings are indeed an ugly business, but war is always an ugly business, particularly against terrorists who deliberately target civilians and use civilians as human shields...

Legal Rights and Title of Sovereignty of the Jewish People to the Land of Israel

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