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Take A Pen for the truth about Israel
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Terror & Media

While keeping in mind that most media is doing an important and honest service to the public, we can read below about the frequently controversial relationship between Terrorism and Media, and about some media's biased attitude when the terror is against Israelis. Whether out of fear or of other reasons, even internationally qualified terrorist organizations, like Hamas, do enjoy appeasing coverage by some, lead by the BBC News and...

The Real Face of Rachel Corrie

Not quite the peace activist she has been portrayed as.
Rachel Corrie instructing Palestinian children to burn US flag...


'A Special Way to Lie: Polls with Leading Questions -


AP clashes with truth:




Ulster's lesson for the Middle East: don't indulge extremists

Advocating the Northern Irish "model" has become a popular pastime. In conflicts as different as those in Spain, Sri Lanka and the Middle East, the key players are now urged to consider the undoubted success in Northern Ireland and follow our example. This is hardly surprising, but I am concerned about how that example is described..


(contd.) others who follow a political agenda and not the facts only.

Terror and Media is one of the most important fields where the individual letter-writer may have influence on the media and on decision-makers. You can see here many actual letter examples. Let’s Write our Letters - or act otherwise against media complying with terrorism.
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