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Israel & PEACE

PEACE TALKS: "Israel's Conflict as Game Theory"

In the context of Peace Talks, Prof. Yisrael Aumann - Nobel Prize Laureate writes:
"Sadly, Israel ignores the basic principles of game theory. If Israel would be wise enough to behave according to those principles, her political status and her security status would improve substantially."




Obstacle to Peace: Palestinian leadership’s hatred of the Jewish state

November 2, 2010
There is no higher obstacle to peace than hatred. Without fanatic hatred on any side there is always a chance to reach an agreement, even a peace treaty, through compromise. With fanatic hatred in mind how can any agreement hold? Most Israelis do not hate Arabs, or Palestinian Arabs; some do not hate even terrorists. On the other side those mature Palestinians who have been in personal contact with Israelis, are mostly also ready for peaceful co-existence. But the Palestinian leadership is nurturing hatred.

PM Netanyahu's Interview on TV

Excerpts from PM Netanyahu''s Interview with Israeli Channel Two News

The Land of Mordor - or a land that promotes good and stands against evil?

30 Aug 2009
Tolkien''s masterpiece is a myth of great power, a battle between good and evil. Real life is not as easy, of course, good often turns out to be evil and vice versa; the Germans fell in love with Nazism, communists adored the Soviet Paradise killing millions. The relevance of this to Israel? Millions today self-righteously wish the worst harm to this small nation. Whatever Israel''s flaws, it stands for values like democracy, freedom, human rights – let''s recognize it for what it is

TULIP to the Israeli-Palestinian Peace process

2009 August 9
The Israeli-Palestinian peace process has received a wonderful present: TULIP, which is not a flower: three big and respected unions from three continents initiated recently TULIP: Trade Unions Linking Israel and Palestine; with the purpose of uniting trade unions and NGO-s to act against anti-Israel boycotts and to help the genuine Israeli-Palestinian peace process, the Israeli and Palestinian unions, and the workers in the whole region, including guest workers...

The West Bank can serve as a model of Palestinian prosperity; it may also become a prototype of Peace

Imagine an annual economic growth rate of 7%, declining unemployment, a thriving tourism industry, and a 24% hike in the average daily wage. Where in today''s gloomy global market could one find such gleaming forecasts? Singapore? Brazil? Guess again. The West Bank.

"Attacking Israel, Europe commits suicide"

Key-note speech at the inaugural event of the European Forum of the Knesset (EFK)
By Fiamma Nirenstein - Vice President of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Italian Chamber of Deputies
Jerusalem, July 28, 2009


The new Israeli government’s foreign policy concepts

Take-A-Pen helps you here to get familiar with the new Israeli government’s foreign policy concepts from the first source – instead of the global media’s not always reliable interpretations:


Peace & Peace Initiatives by Israel*

Peace is Israel’s dream, the dream of all Israelis and actually of all Jews, having suffered so much for want of it, praying for peace traditionally three times every day. Israel’s Peace Process is an important part of the frequently mentioned ‘Mideast peace process’ - but not equivalent to that. Many other conflicts exist in the Mideast and wider region, which are not connected to Israel at all; like between Muslims and Christians, Sunnis and Shiites, Iraq vs. Iran, Kuwait and Jordan – where not in the Middle East?
Israel seeks peace with its neighbors since its birth, and it has found it at least with Egypt and Jordan...
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