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Letter of Visitor in Israel

Dear Alan! Pinner, March 4, 2005

I must say I am a little surprised to learn of your hesitancy to visit Israel. I thought you, of all people, would understand Israel is more than a beautiful Land of Promise. It is a land of some very interesting certainties!!

I did enjoy my visit there tremendously. Don't believe to the grim stories about Israel today. Truth is, people in Israel get on with the business of living, embracing family life and pursuing their occupations with a vibrancy few other nations enjoy. Life is to be lived there!! Now not less than ever. Equally true is the fact that it is not selfishly lived: Israel makes valid contributions to the happiness and well-being of others - especially to that of the stranger in their midst!

How about this for personal care and consideration?! Did you know that an Israeli bus company has joined forces with a communications company to ensure that its passengers are not subject to erratic arrivals of buses on their various routes? They have launched a service to provide exact information about arrivals at bus stops through satellite linked equipment known as a Global Positioning System which monitors traffic conditions and the bus's location, speed and direction. With this information it can estimate the bus's time of arrival at any given stop. Passengers can call a number to receive accurate information from any location - home, office or bus stop.
From Metulla to Eilat, north to south, east to west no longer will any one be waiting beyond the estimated arrival time to see three buses arriving at once - a novel experience.

What travel courtesy! So, leave the car at home and have a great time.

Yours truly - as ever, Helen
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