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Take A Pen for the truth about Israel
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The Take-A-Pen Story in Finland - 'Suomen Take-A-Pen' and Friends, devoted to the Truth - Changed Finnish Media

  • About the Take-A-Pen story in Finland we do not have to say much ourselves, we'll simply quote later from the extensive article published about Take-A-Pen in the major Finnish daily KESKISUOMALAINEN -  http://www.take-a-pen.org/suomi/index.html 
  • The human side of the story is that as early as in 2002 two excellent Finnish activists found our website and offered help. Together with them we soon set up our web page in Finnish. Mediawatch and letter-writing gained more momentum in Finland - although Varpu Haavisto and Anna Vahakangas, for being young carrier women, were "old hands" in letter-writing for Israel's truth. We assisted them with information, ideas and methodology, while Varpu and Anna, together with friends and family, did a wonderful job themselves - writing letters, helping out each other in times of need. They found the energies beyond the burdens of everyday life to achieve quite a few measurable successes. They attracted dozens of people to Suomen Take-A-Pen's mailing list, who partly became active pro-truth, pro-Israel letter-writers. Major media organs published several times full correction after their well documented and presented criticism.
  • Whenever praised, Varpu and Anna are never missing to point at the successes of others; like Ken Sikorski or Sana. But of course public letterwriting is team-work.
  • A climax of the story was when an Israeli embassy official noted the tangible change in the mainstream Finnish media. After the need for corrections more than once, they do not buy in so easily to anti-Israeli propaganda any more.

And now let's see in Finnish and read in English the article on Take-A-Pen:


                 a. Take-A-Pen on the pages of KESKISUOMALAINEN- in Finnish


                 b. Take-A-Pen in the KESKISUOMALAINEN -Summary in English

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