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WRITE YOUR LETTER: Inform Us About the Al Dura Trial


Our Letter-Writing Call's goal is to recruit maximum media attention to the Al Dura trial in Paris; let as many people as possible know that the France-2 movie and their accusation of Israel were unfounded, actually total fakes


A Sample Letter:

To: The Editor, The Daily Sample Newspaper  letters@DailySample.co.uk  

Date, 2008



Sir, - Letters to the editor are normally written about something you published. This time, may I write about your conspicuous lack of reporting on important new developments in a case once you wrote hundreds of times about ?


On September 30, 2000 the whole world was shocked to see 12 years old Palestinian Mohammad Al Dura dying on the lap of his father, on a one-minute long France 2 video. The voiceover insinuated that Israelis killed the boy deliberately. No wonder these images became and are until today an icon of Israeli brutality, known to billions of people, thanks to the media. You have discussed this alleged brutality hundreds of times, a Google search reveals.


But in a recent trial in Paris, after the judges demanded France 2 to present the raw footage of their film, kept hidden for 7 years, they presented 18 minutes only of their declared 27 minutes, full of signs of cuts, editing and staging, and there wasn't a  single frame supporting their original accusations. It turned out that no France 2's representative was in the site of filming and their whole report was based on the sole eye-witness, a most involved Palestinian cameraman.


Can we the readers expect comprehensive information about these developments? Can we expect that you inform us immediately about the verdict, expected on May 21 in Paris?


(Yours sincerely,


City, state)


(Personal contact data)

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