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Take A Pen for the truth about Israel
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a. Take-A-Pen Chairman's Letter to The Guardian

"Liar of the Month at Take-A-Pen in April 2004: The Guardian"

To the Editor of The Guardian                                                          May 20, 2004

To the Ombudsman of The Guardian,  Mr Ian Mayes



Sub.: THE GUARDIAN IS THE LIAR OF THE MONTH in April 2004 at      Take-A-Pen!


I have the unpleasant duty to inform you that The Guardian won this time the disrespectful title of "THE LIAR OF THE MONTH." So, The Guardian is THE LIAR OF THE MONTH in April 2004 at Take-A-Pen!

The title was published in the beginning of May on our site http://www.take-a-pen.org/ , so I have to apologize for some delay of this announcement to you.


It is not easy to be an outstanding or #1 liar in today's frequently brutal and greedily dishonest media competition, what we, Take-A-Pen, are watching in 15 languages. The Guardian was a candidate and runner up several times for the title in the past, with articles promoting hatred or patent lies about Israel. Recently I read thoroughly your International edition for a full week in Paris, and found daily strong candidates there. But this time the lie was so clear and simple to see and to check, that the decision that THE GUARDIAN IS THE LIAR OF THE MONTH - went unchallenged.

You can see below your article and the Reader's Letter of our Maurice Ostroff, and judge it yourself.

It is a particular shame for The Guardian which used to claim to be a guardian of truth.


To consider The Guardian a liar is no fun, it is a sad feeling of a great loss. We'd be the happiest to see a change in the policy of The Guardian. That you are back to checking  well the Muslim hate-propaganda and  staged Palestinian photos before publishing them, that you do not give free pass neither to patent Israel-hatred nor to cunningly disguised Jew-hatred, like in the case we found here.

If you want to start to consider such a change, we'll willingly share with you our findings, before or even without publishing them.




Endre Mozes

Chairman, Take-A-Pen 
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