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Haaretz On The Nablus Operation

Haaretz On The Nablus Operation

Subtle Lies

How HAARETZ IS LYING by Creating False Impression:
In today's (Juni 25, 2004) Haaretz article about Nablus , the picture creates the impression that the soldier is aiming at the frightened family in the background.

An IDF soldier standing guard inside the home of Palestinian family in Nablus during a military operation in the West Bank city.
How HAARETZ IS LYING by Ommission of Essential Information:
The text contains the following paragraph:

In the first incident in the Gaza Strip, the IDF says troops spotted a Palestinian digging in the sand near the settlement of Bedolah. Soldiers fired in the air, but when the Palestinian failed to leave the area they fired and hit him, according to the army.

The impression created is that the Palestinian was shot for the simple reason that he was digging in the sand. Below is the the JP story about the same incident which gives some reason for the shooting:

Earlier, IDF forces apparently killed a Palestinian man who was detected digging under the fence surrounding the Gaza Strip settlement of Bedolah. The soldiers fired warning shots and then direct fire at the man who appeared to be planting a bomb, the army said"

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