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The BBC Continues Distorted Reporting.

Covers up to Terrorist Hamas - Biased against Israel

Dear Malcolm Balen,
I have just read a report on Ceefax (please see below) and am truly disappointed to see yet another example of one-sided reporting from the BBC. 
This account makes no mention of the fact that 35 rockets - 19 Kassam rockets and 16 other types -  have fallen on Israel today - Hamas claimed responsibility.  Also there has been a Katyusha attack on the Israeli town of Ashkelon.
Four people were injured as a result of the Kassam attacks on Sderot, and other Israelis were injured elsewhere. A farm hand in Israel, a volunteer from Equador, was shot dead by Palestinian sniper from Gaza.
All the above information is available on the web, but not, alas, on the BBC's Ceefax report of today's events in the Middle East. 
In order words, I cannot get the whole, balanced picture from the BBC.
The "medical sources and witnesses" seem to be on the Palestinian side of the Gaza border. I wonder why there no comments from Israeli medical sources or witnesses?
It may be one of the "deadliest days on record" in terms of casualties, but that is not from lack of trying on the Hamas side, as rockets are sent daily into Sderot and other Israeli towns, villages and kibbutzim.
In the final paragraph, Ceefax informs us that Israel sends "frequent" raids, but doesn't mention the even more frequent rocket attacks launched by Hamas onto civilian targets.
Finally, referring to Israel's raid, there are the words "which it says", as if there might be some doubt that Israel's actions are prompted by the ongoing attacks from Gaza.  There is no such qualification of the other quotes.
Please will you regard this as an official complaint, I am really disappointed that the BBC has fallen to such a level that I cannot rely on its coverage.
Rona Hart


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