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Letter of Ex-Student to Brandeis University

May 2, 2006

For background read: http://littlegreenfootballs.com/weblog/?entry=20394_Terror_Enablers_at_Brandeis&only

The e-mail was sent to five of Brandeis' top administration staff.
I got the email addresses and idea for the email from an anti-Semitic Brandeis student's (Kevin Montgomery) blog. I then modified it to say the exact opposite of what that Jew-hater was encouraging people to write....

To: terris@brandeis.edu - Daniel S. Terris, director of the International Center for Ethics, Justice, and Public Life, who actively lobbied for the artwork to be removed , and to:
jreinhar@brandeis.edu - Jehuda Reinharz - University President
sawyer@brandeis.edu - Rick Sawyer, Dean of Student Life
alwina@brandeis.edu - Alwina Bennet - Assistant Dean of Student Life
jadams22@brandeis.edu - Jamele Adams - Assistant Dean of Student Life in Support of Diversity

Subject: Thanks for not supporting the anti-Israel artwork on campus

I am thrilled by the actions of the Brandeis Administration last weekend. The Brandeis administration had a moral obligation to pull the anti-Israel incitement masked as "paintings by Palestinian children", and was right in doing so.
With the resurgence of anti-Semitism throughout the world and on university campuses, it is imperative that Brandeis remain an outpost against anti-Semitism and against hatred to Israel.

Such "artwork of Palestinian" children has no place on Brandeis' campus.

When the Palestinians renounce violence and stop indoctrinating their children with anti-Semitic, Nazi propaganda , then they will have earned the right to have their voices heard. Until then, their voices of mere hatred have no place on any university campus.

S. R. Class of 1995

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