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Take A Pen for the truth about Israel
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The Stories Behind the Pictures!

The above-left is a famous Associated Press photo showing Israeli troops arresting a young Palestinian child. This photo was sent around the world faster than you could say "Israeli brutality!" It was seen at pro-Palestinian rallies and on anti-Israel websites throughout the world as visible proof that the Palestinians are truly innocent victims.

But notice the above-right photo taken by the very same photographer just minutes earlier. It shows the same little 'innocent" kid throwing rocks at these soldiers. This picture was of course not sent around!


How is it possible that Palestinian children are killed in gun fights?

Look at the pictures below, taken by a Palestinian photographers

A masked Hamas militant sets up a makeshift mortar launcher against Israeli forces, unseen, as Palestinian youths try to cover him from the sight of the forces during an incursion in a Gaza city's neighborhood, Wednesday Feb. 11, 2004. Israeli troops moved into a neighborhood at the eastern edge of Gaza City early Wednesday, killing atleast 14 Palestinians and wounding at least 27 others in exchanges of fire, residents said, sparking the bloodiest fighting in Gaza in four months. (AP Photo/Adel Hana)
Source:Yahoo News


Anywhere in the world fighting parties are interested to keep their children away from the violence.

Not so the Palestinians. A child victim has more media value than an adult victim.

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