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Take A Pen for the truth about Israel
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3 Lies in 5 Words of Palestinian Prime Minister QUREI:



1. Racist?

In Israel more than one million Arabs and other minorities live peacefully. If anybody is racist it is the Palestinian Leadership demanding 'Judenfrei' Palestine and inciting to kill all Jews living among them.

2. Wall?

Take-A-Pen brought data from IDF's Security Barrier Project Head that out of 150 km built by now 142 km is wire fence and 8 km (5.7%) is a concrete wall where nearby Israeli civilian population must be protected from Arab snipers. So Kurei says 6% truth and 94% lie. (Still better record than Saeb Arekat who set an up till unchallenged world record on lying on Jenin)

3. Will it bring Security?

Statistics show fence has already saved many Israeli lives, see data below.

The history of Palestinian terror having murdered 684 Israeli civilians in the last three years teaches the same: NOT ONE out of the 125 'successful' suicide bombers entered Israel through Gazas 12 year-old simple wire fence and electronic alarm system!

Qurei says that 'Racist wall will not bring security" - but statistics show otherwise:

Palestinian premier Ahmed Qurei alias Abu Ala has demanded that the international community force Israel to halt construction of the West Bank security fence, warning that time is running out on chances for a negotiated peace settlement, according to The Jerusalem Post. His comments followed the release of further evidence by the Israeli security establishment that the multi-billion-shekel project is saving countless lives.

Speaking to reporters on a tour of one of the short solid sections of concrete wall near Qalqilya on Sunday, Qurei called the barrier a "racist separation wall" and warned that it "will not bring security to Israel".

Qurei does his own share that the fence do not succeed. He later told Palestinian community leaders in the town, that 'armed resistance' would continue until the Palestinians achieve their full rights. "Our people will not give in," he said, thinly disguising his support for ongoing Palestinian terrorist activity.

Qurei's comments come despite newly published evidence that the project has significantly hindered efforts to successfully mount suicide attacks against Israel, dramatically lowering the number of fatalities.

According to the latest security service figures, the number of Israeli deaths from terrorism in 2003 fell by more than 50% from the previous year, from 451 to 213. The overall number of attacks also declined by 30%, with much of the fall attributed to Israeli tactical innovations in the form of the fence project and operational successes beginning with the Operation Defensive Shield counter-terror sweep in April 2002.

In a weekend editorial, The Post drew attention to the little reported statistics. "Especially noteworthy is that, even as Israel applied greater military pressure, it was able to do so while causing fewer Palestinian fatalities," the editorial commented.

Since Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat declared the start of the present terror wave, they call intifada in September 2000, there have been 125 'succesful' suicide attacks, according to the security service statistics. Of these Hamas has sponsored the largest number - some 52 in total, with Iranian-backed Islamic Jihad and Arafat's own governing Fatah movement claiming responsibility for a further 29 each.

In early December, the United Nations General Assembly voted to ask the International Court of Justice to issue an advisory opinion on the fence's legality amid Palestinian claims that Israel is using the project to unilaterally define its own borders - claims dismissed by Israel as an attempt "to delegitimize the right of the Jewish people to have a Jewish state that they can defend."

"This is the fence that Arafat built," Israel's UN Ambassador, Dan Gillerman added at the time. "His terrorism initiated it and made its construction inevitable. If there were no Arafat, there would be no need for a fence."

EM, based on Jerusalem Post and
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