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Palestinians back Terror with lies

Israel: Palestinians back terror with lies

JPost.com Staff, THE JERUSALEM POST Sep. 30, 2004

"Israel, in its operations, does everything humanely possible to prevent harming non-combatants," Foreign Ministry spokesman David Saranga told The Jerusalem Post, replying to allegations made by Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erakat that Israel is "committing massacres."

"Once again the Palestinians are using lies and propaganda," he continued. "The world has seen pictures time and again of Palestinian terror organizations using symbols and vehicles belonging to international organizations in order to fire missiles at Israeli towns, cynically using their own populace as shields."

"Israel is determined to continue with the disengagement process and complete it by the end of 2005, while at the same time ensuring the safety of its people," He said. "All we ask is that the Palestinian Authority abide by the law and prevent the firing of Kassam rockets at our civilians."

Earlier Satruday, Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erakat told CNN, "We believe that there are massacres going on in Gaza now. Northern Gaza is under occupation and we fear that very soon all of Gaza will be reoccupied by the Israeli army and we will see the same atrocities that the Palestinian people suffered during the 2002 massive incursion into the West Bank."

The Arab League will meet Sunday in an emergency session to discuss the situation in Gaza. In Ramallah, the Palestinian Cabinet announced a state of emergency. Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat referred to Israel's campaign as a "monstrous, criminal, inhumane attack on our people."

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