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Walls of the World

Walls of the World


Everywhere in the world there are plenty of walls, fences and other barriers; for separation, protection, security and other purposes. 


So selective criticism of Israel's security barrier only, has been discrimination and a great hypocrisy. To call Israel's security fence or Anti-Terror Barrier a "Wall" is also tendentious and basically untrue, because it is built mostly as an electronic alert wire fence, and only 4% of its length, is a concrete wall. Of course it causes some inconveniences, to Jews and Arabs alike, but it saves many lives which is worth more. Fact is that the security barrier contributed a lot to decrease the number of Israeli civilian victims of Palestinian terror from 436 in 2002 to a single digit annual figure since 2006.


Take-A-Pen is proud to have been the first to prepare an international presentation of the walls in the world in 2004: "Bring down all the Walls in the World!" - which was very popular, was translated to many languages, both  by ourselves and by others like its Japanese translation.


Here we present a recent good ppt presentation of the ‘Walls of the World'.

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