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Someone is Poisoning The Children of Spain

3 March, 2010

On Sunday, Israel reportedly lodged a formal complaint with the Spanish government charging that Spanish schools are promoting anti-Semitic and anti-Israel ideas among young children. 


The Spanish government insists a newly discovered mind-altering anti-Semitic campaign aimed at the nation's youngest and most impressionable is not part of the regular school curriculum. They insist it's a private undertaking. 


Nevertheless, someone is poisoning the minds of Spanish children, and the evidence has been arriving in the mail at Israel's embassy in Madrid, according to a JTA report. 


The embassy has reportedly received dozens of postcards from Spanish schoolchildren containing anti-Semitic messages, like "Jews kill for money," "Leave the country to the Palestinians" and "Go somewhere where they will accept you."


Other letters addressed to the ambassador, Rafi Shotz, reportedly read, "How many Palestinians have you murdered today?"  and "Mr. Ambassador, you should think about not killing the Palestinian children and elderly. I don't know if it doesn't bother you, having to murder people. You should leave Palestine." 

I'm no brain surgeon, but I'm willing to stick my neck out here, and take a wild guess that this atrocity is the work of Muslim radicals, the number and therefore power of which, like elsewhere in Europe, is growing exponentially in Spain. 


The danger of this, if not immediately obvious to everyone, is found in the same context in which its use is suggested. 

For instance - the slogan for the Wandervogel, a popular pre-Nazi German youth movement, was "Who owns the youth controls the future." And Lenin said, "Give me your 4-year-olds, and within one generation I'll construct a socialist state."


Not simply idle words. 


Whoever is responsible for this latest monstrosity is clearly taking a page out of the same playbook the Nazi's used.

It's what the Arab leadership has been doing to the Palestinian children since at least the 1960s, and we can clearly see what it's produced - a warped society bent on death and destruction, where the highest place a person can aspire to involves murder and suicide. 

It is so deeply ingrained at this point, it may not ever be curable. 


If I were the Spaniards, I'd get a handle on this before it gets out of control, unless they want to wind up like Gaza or the West Bank. Or better yet, ask the Israelis or the Germans what it's like to live with the results of that kind of poison in the minds of children. 

In fact, all of Europe better wake up before it's too late. 

This article is also available in Spanish.
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