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ABC Mini-Encyclopedia

Suicide bombing, suicide bombers

Are they self-sacrificing heros? Are they murderer monsters? Are they murderers but also the victims of their senders? One thing for sure, they are not like the 'kamikaze's: the Japanese kamikazes who directed their torpedos into enemy ships in World War II were soldiers fighting against soldiers.

 The Arab suicide bombing, killing as many civilians as possible,is a mass murder. The suicide ombings are committed by Arab Palestinians, mostly very young people frequently below 18,in the form of exploding themselves within an Israeli crowd. They are brain-washed, mostly promised to get to Muslim heaven and sexually served there by 72 virgins, (for what the would-be bombers frequently try to protect their sex organs with special layers!), and their families get prize money for their children killing Israelis($2000 from the Palestinian Authority and $10000 from Iraq).

These young brain-washed people are victims themselves, the fanatic Muslim and Tanzim (Barghouti's militia) perpetrators of suicide bombings never went themselves or sent their own children to such missions.

The suicide bombings may be committed in a drug-assisted hypnosis-like state, see also ASSASSINS.

Are the suicide bombings done out of despair or out of fanatic racial hatred? See also - LINK

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