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ABC Mini-Encyclopedia

Peace Activists - so called

To the editor of Time Magazine,


Dear Mr. Kelly

Isn't it strange how whenever a "peace" activist is wounded or killed they are always either "trying to lead Palestinian children to safety" or "trying to stop a house being bulldozed" or some other similar emotive issue. Often there is an "8 month pregnant woman" conveniently on the scene!

The truth is these so-called "Peace activists" more often than not are a cause of putting the people they claim to want to help in danger. Their provocative actions and their habit of deliberately putting themselves in harms way to provoke a response, often succeed in pulling the wool over willing journalists eyes. A perfect example of this was the doctoring of photographs to try to suggest that Rachel Corrie, who sadly was killed when she foolishly and recklessly put herself in front of a bulldozer where the driver could not see her, was deliberately run over, an allegation since denied by one of her fellow protestors . The sequence of photos was changed to suit the story being misleadingly circulated.

These peace activists behave in a very militant fashion, and often put the lives of people at risk.

They make a career of going wherever they can get a high profile image, very often knowing little of the true history of the issue they are getting involved in. Clearly that is the case with Caoimhe Butterly whom you choose to label a Hero Activist.

To me she is an agitator and a trouble maker. The true heroes in my eyes are the families who are struggling to come to terms with the loss of a loved one, blown to pieces by a homicide bomber.




May,5, 2003


An International Solidarity Movement (ISM) activist admitted that he and other ISM volunteers met the two British suicide bombers in Gaza shortly before the deadly attack at a Tel Aviv pub on April 30th. They met for tea with others including four Britons who planned to establish a summer camp in Gaza, three Italians, the two bombers and six ISM members. More on ISM or  International Solidarity Movement

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