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ABC Mini-Encyclopedia

Demolition of Houses

House demolitions are frequently attacked by pro-Palestinians as illegal acts against civilians. What is the truth?
The latest IDF (May 2004) push into Rajah is intended to wipe out terrorists nests, to destroy their bomb, chemical, explosives and missile factories, and to find and demolish their tunnels for smuggling war materiel into Gaza. The only way to ensure that the terrorists do not use these houses as safe havens, bases, tunnel exits, hideouts, sniper and ambush sites is to take them down. The way to ensure that these safe houses continue to be used for terrorist purposes is to leave them standing. In defense of the Jewish State, Israel has only one choice: demolition.

But are the displaced owners of the houses not innocent victims?

The civilians displaced are not always innocent. They have probably permitted their homes to be used by the terrorists and in doing so have become aiders and abettors. They become equally guilty of the crime of terrorism and can be held responsible and accountable. Buildings near the Egyptian border are used by terrorists to conceal tunnels that allow them to smuggle arms, explosives and other supplies into Gaza for the express purpose of killing Israelis. The blame for house demolitions must be placed fairly and squarely where it belongs - on the terrorists. An end to terrorism brings an immediate end to demolitions.

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