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ABC Mini-Encyclopedia

"Cycle of Violence"

This blurry euphemism exonerates the perpetrators of violence by not naming them and by equating them with the victims. Blame is cast on an anonymous, non-human force. It should be noted that this language is often reserved for cases in which Israelis are victims of Palestinian violence. In contrast, when Israelis are responsible for the deaths of Palestinians, the language tends to be more direct, such as "Israelis kill Palestinian."

The entire concept of attack and response in the so-called cycle of violence misses the crux of the situation. The cycle does not begin with attack and counter attack. It starts with the obscene incitement to hate and kill all infidels, preached daily in the fundamentalist mosques, schools and media not only in Palestine, but in Asia, Europe and the USA. - Read the relevant Reader's letter

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A View from the Eye of the Storm

A recommended excellent background reading about Israel and the Middle East

TAP Calls for Action

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