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ABC Mini-Encyclopedia

Arab and Israeli Territories

The size of the Arab and Israeli territories held today by the Arabs and by Israel is not the only issue, but an issue which can not be overlooked. The land mass of the Arab states today is 5,414,000 square miles (14,000,000 km2) as compared  with 8,290 sqmi (21550 km2) for pre-1967 Israel and 2,130sqmi for Judea, Samaria and Gaza (total 10,420 square miles or  27000 km2).
This is an Arab - Israeli area ratio of 540 to one.  So can anybody seriously believe that what the Arabs and Palestinians want is exactly that 2,130 sqmi, or 0.4 promil, addition to their vast territories and then they want to be sincere good neighbors to Israel?

(data from "A Place Among the Nations" by B. Netanyahu)

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