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Take a Pen's Letter to Italian Minister of Foreign affairs, Mr. Fini, on his visit to Arafat's grave

To the Honorable Mr. Gianfranco Fini

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Italy

Piazzale della Farnesina, 1 - 00194 Roma 

 Your Excellency! Dear Mr Fini!   


 Subject: Great respect - and a protest

 The Take-A-Pen international network, our many activists around the world and myself would like to congratulate You for your appointment as the Foreign Minister in Italy's government. We know you have been one of the few who saw and talked clearly about the role of the terrorist boss of the armed intifada, since 2000.


  We'd like to also express our respect and appreciation to Italy, to Mr. Silvio Berlusconi's government for the wise and consequently fair conduct towards Israel. Time will come when the whole world will understand that Italy was a leader in keeping Europe sound and honest in the present years.


 But your visit to the Arafat's grave has been a great mistake. The Palestinians themselves, both the people and the leadership, understand absolutely well now that Arafat was the greatest obstacle to any peace process, leave alone his embezzling of milliards, and are rather released to have get rid of him. His funeral in Ramallah was 'honored' by a miniscule 800 people and knowing such regimes you can tell most of them came not to mourn but to be seen. Abu Mazen and Abu Ala cleaned the government from 6 of the corrupt leader's puppets within days from his death.  Italy should then pay respect to such a man?


 Italy should distance itself from everything connected with terror, incitement and education to hatred about the Palestinians. Then Italy can continue to be one of the most positive contributors to peace and to solving the Arab-Israel conflict.


Wishing You good health and great success in your high position, in a Happy New Year 2005 and further, 


Yours sincerely,


            Endre Mozes


Chairman, Take-A-Pen International

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