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BBC News

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Media Realignment Campaign

Does the BBC employ a 'Hamas man'?

This submission deals with a massive offense to impartiality; with the seemingly well-based allegations that Mr Fayed Abu Shamala, the BBC''s Gaza correspondent since 1994(?) and until today November 2005, has had active ties to the Hamas; a terrorist organisation according to the British government. We''ll document it that Abu Shamala was considered by Hamas as ''one of their own''. No wonder all his journalistic output, accordingly, has had a strong anti-Israel bias - we''ll show an example of November 22, 2005...

BBC's "Jenin–massacre" that never was

Our first such major issue in this Submission-I below is on the BBC News'' coverage of the Battle of Jenin in April 2002 and on until today, which spread many times the false ''news'' and ''data'' on the ''Jenin massacre'' - that never was. We submit this case now because the terrible damage and pain this libel caused has never been properly undone and the''massacre'' libel sticks on Israel until today, November 2005...

BBC coverage of the battle of Jenin – the so-called demolition of a refugee camp

This letter deals with the BBC''s reporting on the battle of Jenin in April 2002, in particular the false reporting on the extent of destruction in the Palestinian refugee camp. Although it started in 2002, this complaint is absolutely valid even today, since the reporting exists up till today on the BBC website...

BBC - an Accomplice to Terrorism?

Most of us used to be strongly conditioned to the once legendary reliability of the BBC and can hardly believe it might have changed. We still love the talks, theatre and history on the BBC; the problem seems to lie with the BBC News and the political commentaries, being too politicized for the largest and supposedly most impartial news organisation on earth...

The BBC Continues Distorted Reporting.

Covers up to Terrorist Hamas - Biased against Israel

One more Letter about one more BBC Bias

The group approached the BBC to ask if Alan Johnston could be made available to comment and to add his voice to theirs and request their immediate release. The BBC refused, saying "such an action would compromise their objectivity.
I find this attitude duplicitous, to say the least. Alan Johnston made his support solely for the Palestinians evident in each of his broadcasts from Gaza...

Viewer's Letter to The BBC, Sky News, CNN and IBA

The repetitive scenes you are showing of the violence in Jerusalem are dramatic but not very informative. How are your viewers expected to evaluate the contradictory claims made by the Israeli police spokesperson and the angry political statements by the several Palestinian commentators who are interviewed?...

The Mail revealed the true picture - vs. the reports by the Archbishop of Canterbury and the BBC TV News from Betlehem

(Sir,) Goodwill at this season apparently does not extend to Israel, to judge by the Archbishop of Canterbury and the BBC TV News report (December 21) of his visit to Palestinian Bethlehem. The BBC blamed Israel and its anti-terrorism barrier for a fall in seasonal visitors and for the declining Christian Arab population, without giving any testimony from Christian gainsayers.

Handling Major Complaints by the BBC

This Submission II relates to the impartiality aspect of BBC procedures and practice for Handling Major Complaints. We believe that an open and fair complaint handling procedure is an essential tool for maintaining impartiality.
We use as a case study the handling of our major complaint addressed to Director of BBC News Ms Helen Boaden on August 2005.

Letter to the BBC news online, on reporting a terror attack on Israel, sent 5.1.2003

To the BBC newsonline copy writers I simply cannot believe that you chose to attach this totally irrelevant paragraph at the end of your story about the devastating carnage caused by two homicide bombers in Tel Aviv: "Earlier on Sunday, Israel carried out a test launch of its Arrow missile interceptors as part of its preparations for a potential US-led war in Iraq"...

Letter to the Head of Program complaints at the BBC, on calling Islamic Jihad a “militant organization. Sent 10.11.2002

BBC Radio 4''s 1pm News on 9th November 2002 had a report concerning the shooting of a leading member of Islamic Jihad.

Letter to the BBC, sent 14.7.2003

As a Brit who has just had the pleasure of spending nine days in your great country as part of the Lawyers Mission to Israel - including the opportunity to personally congratulate the government official who had the guts to stand up to the BBC - may I add my small voice to those of your correspondents who have hammered the corporation?..

To the editor of BBC- Newsnight

Wow! Your story "Pro-Israel lobby on Capitol Hill" (Newsnight, May 8) does not half exaggerate. Do you really expect intelligent readers to believe that the Washington administration is unable to think for itself and requires the permission of a Jewish lobby before it makes a move?

The BBC Can Not Possibly Spy Against British Troops!

How is the BBC''s attempt to overcome its stupid liberalism going? Not so well:
Politicians reacted in disbelief to the revelation that for over two hours yesterday, the BBC News website carried a request for people in Iraq to report on troop movements.

The BBC - edits the news to fit its Political Agenda?

Returning to London on 6 April 2007, on Easter Friday, after a month in Berkeley, California, I tuned in to the BBC to hear what was going on in the world...

BBC and AFP Headlines Ignore Israeli Victims

A Palestinian from east Jerusalem used a bulldozer to kill three people on a busy street in Israel''s capital. Now another east Jerusalem resident replicated the attack
wounding at least 16 people. After 3 Israelis killed the BBC''s headline focused on the fate of - the killer driver, shot by Israeli security , rather than his victims. later changed its headline to more neutral - "even-handed between the ffire-fighter and the fire". BBC''s rheadlines the second time were not better: questioning whether an attack took place at all: "New Vehicle ‘Attack'' in Jerusalem", "New Digger ‘Attack'' in Jerusalem" - ''attack'' in reverse commas. See HR''s coverage!


Anti-Israel Spookes in BBC – the 'Biased Bigotry Corporation'

The anti-Israel bias of BBC news programmes have been well documented. Now we have anti-Israeli prejudice in BBC drama programmes. "Spooks" a hit series about British counterespionage has several episodes in which the villains are Israeli government agents masquerading as Al Quaeda...

The BBC pro-Israeli? Is the Pope Jewish?

Despite a catalogue of examples to the contrary, the BBC governors insist there is bias against the Palestinians.
THE OFFICIAL REPORT for the governors of the BBC on its coverage of the
Palestine-Israeli conflict found predictably that there was "was little to suggest systematic or deliberate bias" but then went on to list a series of measurements by which the BBC could be said to be biased in favour of Israel.

Correspondence with 'BBC – Complaints'

- which at least received some BBC attention: ...
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