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The Crisis in Jerusalem is NOT because of Israeli Construction Work - It Is Because of Orchestrated Islamist Incitement

"A picture is worth a thousand words" - See 2 NEW pictures=2000 words here below:
International Islamism is inciting again, using as pretext the long due, safety-type construction works done by Israel at the Mughrabi Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem, works which were fully communicated well in advance to all involved Muslim authorities, like to the WAKF and to Jordanian authorities..

Walkway to Moghrabi Gate

BBC''s reports from Jerusalem on this merely help to incite the Arab street instead of informing viewers of the facts.
The viewers can see the Western Wall behind the BBC reporter, who is standing next to the bulldozer. The el-Aksa Mosque is beyond the Western Wall, more than 300m from the bulldozer.

Press Release of the Jerusalem Municipality:

The Mayor of Jerusalem, Uri Lupolianski, together with Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz, Rabbi for the Kotel and Holy Places, have decided last night to allow public discussion of the plans to construct the Mugrabi (Pedestrian) Bridge at the planning and construction committees...

Israel to install live cameras at Temple Mount construction works

24-hour TV inspection to prove that no damage is being done to Al-Aqsa''
Israeli Knesset Members agreed and Israeli authorities published an offer on Thursday Feb. 8, 2007, to install security cameras at the Mughrabi excavation site, to broadcast real-time footage of the construction at the Mughrabi Gate...

Intimidation tactics

What is an offense? Must claims to an offense have any relationship to reality? Does the "offended" party have the right to respond in any way, including with violence?
These are questions that were, or should have been, asked with respect to the "cartoon riots," in which Muslims in many countries violently demonstrated against cartoons depicting Muhammad in a Danish newspaper...

Fury over repairing the ramp

A centuries-old stairway, leading from the Jewish Western Wall Plaza to the Mughrabi Gate, collapsed during storms in 2004. It was replaced with a temporary wooden bridge which Israel claims now needs to be replaced in the interests of safety for the tourists (97% Christians) who use it.
The current furor is over two bulldozers digging foundations for pylons to support the renovated bridge for pedestrians...

"Israel Will Hit Gaza Again – Unless YOU Do Something!"

We are joining our pen-friend''s, Charles Oren''s proposal for this REALLY PRO-ACTIVE letter-writing campaign.
Without any theory this time; simply look first at Charles'' and then our own Reader''s Letters, and - using these as your samples or not - write your own letters to your favorite papers:...

Take-A-Pen EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Albert Einstein about Nuclear Threats and about Taking Your Pen

Before sending out Take-A-Pen''s good wishes for Hanukka, Christmas and New Year, we had a very pleasant and meaningful virtual talk with Take-A-Pen''s honorary founder, Albert Einstein. I thought that some of his remarks are well worth to be shared with you. Voila!
We talked about recent global issues, like Iran''s efforts to acquire nuclear weapons and the West''s hesitation to do something...

Take-A-Pen's Letter-Writing Calls

Wherever you see Israel, Gaza and Lebanon-related issues covered in an unbalanced way, WRITE Your own Letter to the Media, to Personalities! See examples in several languages in this website! ...


We removed from this page the details, the Take-A-Pen editorials and the numerous letter examples of two previous Letter-Writing Calls; and leave here brief reminders only.
One such LWC was about:
a) Tragedy in Beit Hanoun
b) Another LWC, sometimes still actual
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