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Misuse of International Aid Funds

What Does "Pro-Palestinian" Mean?

Published November 2009
Khaled Abu Toameh - The Hudson New York
The "pro-Palestinian" activists in the West clearly do not care about reforms and good government in the Palestinian territories. As far as these activists are concerned, delegitimizing Israel and inciting against "Zionists" are much more important than pushing for an end to continual financial corruption and violence in Palestinian society.

Rewarding Palestinian Terrorism

Unwavering U.S. determination to fund, train, and arm more than 50,000 Palestinian “soldiers” raises serious doubts about the repeated promises President George W. Bush has made to secure Israel’s safety and bring peace to the Middle East.

If the Bush administration gets its way, $4.2 billion to $7 billion in American taxpayer dollars over the next five years may fund training and purchase arms for tens of thousands of seasoned Palestinian terrorists.

Paying for Terrorism

Yasser Arafat''s Palestinian Authority systemically diverted funds donated for the development of the Palestinian state to fund terrorism. "Where is the Money Going?" an independent study by the New York-based Center for the Study of Corruption and the Rule of Law, released by B''nai Brith Europe, documents how this diversion worked.


Many Israelis share a sense that the EU, by coordinating the talks alongside Egypt, has impliedly adopted the position now espoused by some Fatah leaders that attacks against Israeli soldiers and settlers in the territories are legitimate acts against "occupation," while suicide missions targeting civilians inside Israel are harming Palestinian national interests at the moment.

'Money cannot fix' Palestinian woes before real reform: World Bank

Nigel Roberts, the World Bank''s country director for the West Bank and Gaza Strip, who distributes the hundreds of millions allocated by the west in direct aid to the Palestinian Authority ,said that any money given to the Palestinians before major changes were implemented, were being thrown down the same cesspool as the past billions.
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