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Good News Israel

Looking for joy? For beauty? Success? In Israel you'll find a lot

Far too much of the news published about Israel in the world deal with sad items like conflicts and terror. Thiese are an important but very small part of life in Israel; personal safety is better in Israel there than in some of the richest cities on earth.

In reality Israelis do their jobs, build their beloved families and live their very active everyday lives with a special Israeli 'joie de vivre' and endless energy. This section is dedicated to bringing you the positive, happy, innovative side of Israel, which your local media outlet might fail to report. You may eventually even have a good laugh and maybe you'll decide to visit this beautiful and unique country...

For a more scientific  appreciation you can go to our 'About Israel' section, but we are factual about Israel also here, maybe on an easier note 


Israeli IDF Band Plays in Moscow Red Square 2010

It is good to see Israel’s lovely girls to play for Moscow in the IDF army band …

Israel Leads Technological, Medical & Business Innovation – Why?

Israel leads the global per-capita invention competition by an order of magnitude; but surpasses every great country on earth even in absolute terms, and second to the US only. But WHY? HOW?
Israeli and American flags on Fifth Avenue (Photo:
Israeli and American flags on Fifth Avenue (Photo:

Fifth Avenue salutes Israel

MAy 24th 2010
Hundreds of thousands wave Israeli flags, dance to Hebrew tunes, in annual Salute to Israel parade in New York City

The people who clean up after terrorists and natural disasters

We weren''t sure this falls into the category of "Good News" but it is, after all, an official UN recognition of a major and important Israeli organization - one that aids and assists not only in Terroist events but also natural disasters (Earthquakes, Tsunamis etc.).
So we salute ZAKA!
Photo by GPO
Photo by GPO

Netanyahu - Berlusconi in Jerusalem: First bilateral summit ever between Italy and Israel

Il Giornale , February 4, 2010
Israel is obsessed with the steady flow of slanders and senseless accusations of perpetrating apartheid, racism, extermination of civilians and children. It is an international sport to delegitimize it and Europe is somewhat involved. It will suffice to read the Swedish paper Aftonbladet, which stated that Israeli soldiers tore organs from Palestinians to sell them: in the name of the protection of the right to opinion, Sweden did not speak one single word.

This is why we LOVE the Israeli winters.......


Bravo Cecilia!

Kibbutz Nahal-Oz, just a few hundred meters from the Gaza Strip border, has suffered hundreds of mortar shells from Gaza during recent years.
“Nahal-Oz can be translated as ‘Courage brook’.So, what do you think Nahal-Oz residents are doing?

Christans from all over the world celebrate Israel


10 New Israeli developments

In contrast to the efforts of tiny Israel to make contributions to the world so as to better mankind, one has to ask what have those who have strived to eliminate Israel from the face of the earth done other than to create hate and bloodshed ?


200,000 Jews and 20,000 Arabs, Christian and Moslem alike, have been living as neighbors for more than fifty years now in the beautiful Israeli port city, Haifa, and they meet all the time in their everyday life. This one was a special meeting though:

"Religious Discrimination" in Israel???

The El Al plane landed at Ben Gurion airport, and as it taxied to the terminal, the voice of the captain came on...

Madonna in Israel!

September 1, 2009
Madonna has begun her visit to the Holy Land with a spiritual touch. She headed to Jerusalem''s Old City late last night where she toured an ancient Jewish tunnel near the Western Wall - the holiest site at which Jews can pray.

Jerusalem light show offers a modern look at ancient history

The ancient walls of the Tower of David come alive in a sound and light show that takes its audience on a tour of Jerusalem''s history.

Londoners Salute Israel

A festive spirit overtook London this week for the UK’s first ever Salute To Israel Parade. An estimated 40,000 Londoners marched alongside some fifty floats, including an open-top double-decker bus and a vintage Rolls Royce bedecked in Israeli flags.

Jewish Film Festival Poster

London Celebrates Israel 60
London Celebrates Israel 60

Israel 60

Toronto, May 8, 2008
All of my life, Israel has been a symbol – a symbol of the triumph of hope and faith. After 1945, our battered world desperately needed to be lifted out of post-war darkness and despair. After so much pain and suffering, humanity needed comfort and optimism. After so much death and destruction, we needed renewal – the renewal of the dream of a better and more civilized world. In short, we needed to be inspired. It was the people who had suffered the most provided that inspiration...

Ten recent Israeli Success items

The following is a small random sampling of ten positive items about Israel, from great technological innovations developed recently in Israel to simple good news, which no doubt had a bearing on Warren Buffet''s perceptions and decisions:

Good News and 'Bad News' about Israel and Liverpool

The ''bad'' news is that Maccabi Haifa, the champion of the Israeli league last year, lost to the favorite Liverpool in the first leg of their two matches in the European champions'' league...

Hebrew in Thailand

locals often think that Israel must be one of the largest countries of the world.
On the picture a "Floating Supermarket" in Thailand, with the whole Pricelist in Hebrew.

Warren BUFFET Thinks ISRAEL Is Best Place to Invest!

Warren BUFFET apparently thinks that Israel is best place to invest!

Some politically correct experts, some left liberal professors and of course any Israel-hater would say otherwise, but Warren Buffet - the second wealthiest man on earth -probably knows more on business. And that is exactly what Warren Buffet DOES: his largest ever purchase of a non-American company - is Iscar in Israel...

Snow on the Golan Heights


Gaza patient in Israeli hospital

I went to our Pediatric ICU in search of M.Z. from Gaza. I heard that his baby daughter was flown here from Southern Israel by helicopter after our medical team connected her to the ECMO machine that temporarily takes over the functioning of the heart and lungs. Our mobile ECMO team is the only of its kind in Israel. I saw a large group of Arabs relaxing on the grass outside the department and asked if M.Z. was among them. They answered me that they were Israeli Bedouins and not from Gaza...


In light of the frequent pessimistic critics of quality of life and personal safety in Israel it is interesting to read the results of an objective international research...

"The Economist” ranks Israel 23rd for quality of life

One of the reasons for Israel’s high rating is its long life expectancy and low rates of disease and mortality.
Israel''s quality of life is higher than that of Singapore, Slovenia, South Korea, Argentina, Hungary, Poland, and Mexico, but lower than that of Hong Kong, Germany, France, the UK, and the Netherlands, according to a quality of life index published by the the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU).


Supporters of the Jewish settler movement and Israeli police officers pray together at the site of a demonstration against the disengagement plan, in Kfar Maimon...


The Hadassah Medical Organization, which has achieved international acclaim for promoting peace in the Middle East region by providing equal treatment to Palestinians and Israelis, has been nominated for the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize...

Ireland and Israel - A Love Story

Many of the 4000 Irish soccer fans accompanying their national team expressed amazement to find the true friendly face of Israel to be so much different to the one shown to them by their media.


Did you know that since Israel lies on one of the busiest bird migration routes, it is a favorite site for bird watching enthusiasts from all over the world? Most of the migration of Europe''s bird population to Africa in autumn and their return in the spring, takes place over the narrow corridor from the Hula nature reserve and bird sanctuary in Northern Israel, southward to Eilat. An estimated 500 million birds, from the smallest to storks with one-and-half meter wingspan, fly over Israel during March and April...

Israeli woman wins Mrs. World

March1,2005. Mrs. Israel, Sima Behar, won the title of Mrs. World 2005 at the international pageant held at Amby Valley Sahara Lake City near Bombay, India last week. Behar, 28, beat out more than 40 other attractive women from around the world. After her victory was announced, a diamond and ruby studded crown worth $18,000 was placed on her head by last year''s winner Suzana Pavadee Vicherut Mcnokroot of Thailand...

Letter of Visitor in Israel

I did enjoy my visit there tremendously. Don''t believe to the grim stories about Israel today. Truth is, people in Israel get on with the business of living, embracing family life and pursuing their occupations with a vibrancy few other nations enjoy...


Can the passing away of a man be in the "Better News from Israel" section?! YES, if the man Israel is paying homage to is Israel''s all-time leading humorist EFRAIM KISHON, who left this world now physically after a long and wonderfully productive and successful life, but, as Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said:

The LARK Program

This item is not directly Israeli, but its spirit seems to be Israeli "Chutzpa". A person wrote a letter to the White House complaining about the treatment of a captive taken during the Afghanistan war. Attached is a copy of a letter he received back:

Weizmann Institute- President's message 2004

When friends ... ask me for some good news from our region, I have no difficulty in responding. The irrepressible energy and boundless ingenuity of Israeli inventors and entrepreneurs are there for all to see, but to none are they more evident than to those of us immersed in science and research.


Success for Israeli medical High Tech !

The winners of The Wall Street Journal''s 2004 Technology Innovation Awards competition have been announced. Innovators world-wide were considered.
The Gold award went to Sun Microsystems Inc of California for a wireless
approach to chip design. The Silver award went to Given Imaging Ltd of Yoqneam, Israel for ''PillCam'', a tiny camera that patients swallow so that doctors can see their digestive tract. The Bronze award went to InSightec Image Guided Treatment Ltd. of Tirat Carmel, Israel for ''ExAblate 2000'', a nonsurgical way to destroy tumors by focusing ultrasound waves on them...

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