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Take A Pen for the truth about Israel
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Campaigns For Israel

The Truth about the Al-Durra libel, AGAIN! - Take-A-Pen was there

Many seek again the truth about the Al-Durra case. Take-A-Pen knows it: our E. Mozes was present in the last 3 days of the Paris Trial, and the VERDICT on May 21, 2008. The truth revealed there: France 2 TV''s video, showing the death of the kid Muhammad, accused Israel totally UNFOUNDED! Their video was manipulated - still did not show the slightest evidence of Israeli involvement. Read more! Our Letter-Writing Call demands from global media to report on Paris Verdict (Our Calls: in English, Russian, Spanish, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Swedish, Finnish, Danish etc.)

Goldstone admits his 2009 Report on Gaza to UNHRC was wrong


To Improve Chances of PEACE: Write Your own Letter!




90K Signed our Petition: 'HAMAS Leaders to Trial for WAR CRIMES!'

Look at the First and Largest Petition against Hamas War Crimes ever, supporting Take-A-Pen''s letter to UN: "HAMAS LEADERS to TRIAL for WAR CRIMES" (90,000 signatures). Then See & SIGN our NEW PETITION from July 2014, after Operation Protective Edge in Gaza !!!

Is Israel the Villain - or an admired Exemplar of the World?

January 2010
This is an outstanding letter-writing opportunity and excellent background material. Whenever your paper writes or anybody speaks of Israel as a threat to peace - in the Middle East or at all – you can counter it by a letter or otherwise, with your own words but using as you wish this article’s arguments. Facts and the actions of the leaders of the world – not necessarily their words - demonstrate that the villain is: the islamists, the admired exemplar all look at: is Israel.
Write your letter today!


Dear Doctor Friends,
Dear Physician Friends of Israel and of the truth:
This is a Letter-Writing CALL: You can help to ''Cure an Untreated Gangrene'' - of the British medical media, this time. How?
Credit: EPA/Orlando Barrla
Credit: EPA/Orlando Barrla

The Haiti earthquake

Take A pen decided to dedicate this section to the devastating earthquake in Haiti in order to promote awareness to the aid given to Haiti by Israel and other countries. Take a moment to read!
Help us to spread the word: Write your letter to friends, to your newspaper editor and to VIP''s!
Thank you.
Judge Goldstone defending the Goldstone Report
Judge Goldstone defending the Goldstone Report

The Goldstone Report

The 574 page long Report published on 15 September may look like a serious document to the inexperienced reader. But attentive readers soon realise conspicuous major faults in the Report, and we''ll add a serious procedural charge which in a true legal process would totally disqualify the Report. The Report is preoccupied with Israel and deals very briefly only with Hamas - when Goldstone had promised to investigate all parties. Another consistent fault is that, with Peres'' words again, the Report "fails to distinguish between the aggressor and those acting in self-defense". The Report''s Summary speaks about 3 Israeli dead from Hamas rockets, which would be true during the Gaza fighting. 14 more dead Israelis, hundreds maimed and tens of thousand civilians terrorized by the 6300 Hamas rocket attacks before Israel gave an ultimatum to stop it and finally fought back - are left out from the Report - because it would show who was the aggressor.

GAZA Operation "Cast lead"


Gilad Shalit - Let's protest this Hamas crime!

Join us in responding to this Hamas Animation of Gilad Shalit''s death! 90,000 people from all around the world have already signed a petition to the UN "Hamas leaders to trial for war crimes". ADD YOURS!

Haaretz Falsifies Restriction on Gaza Imports - CAMERA's Call


Iran & Ahmadinejad

Let’s Condemn Iran – its Threat to World Peace
Let’s Condemn Ahmadinejad – for his Crimes against Humanity
Everybody knows and when can talk openly - everybody tells - that Iran is today and tomorrow the major threat to world peace. Or, to put it more bluntly and painfully: Iran is a huge potential threat to its region and to the whole world, which under certain conditions can lead to WW III, to a global war which may destroy the whole world.
This ultimate threat has four major components:

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Terror in Mumbai
Terror in Mumbai

Terror in Mumbai – Local Indian matter or Global Terror?


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