05/12/2023 21:03:27
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Gilad Shalit - Let's protest this Hamas crime!

All news sources reported the Hamas animation of Gilad Shalit's (Schalit) return to his mourning father in a coffin, like "(AP) GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip -- Hamas released an animated film Sunday bearing a grisly message for Israel: If it doesn't meet the Islamic militant group's demands, an Israeli soldier it has held for nearly four years could return home in a coffin..".


Most of the International community (like the US and the EU) considers Hamas a terror organization, in which case their pirate like kidnapping and blackmail by death threat fit this perception.


However, the UN and its Secretary General tend to legitimize Hamas by giving it some official status, and then they must hold Hamas responsible for its war crimes in general and its violations of all International laws and elementary humanitarian conventions in the Gilad Shalit case: preventing Red Cross or family visits, withholding information, mocking the prisoner in public and now blackmail by staging his impending doom.


Join us in responding to this Hamas Animation of Gilad Shalit's death! 90,000 people from all around the world have already signed a petition to the UN "Hamas leaders to trial for war crimes". ADD YOURS!

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First a HURRAY! Then: NEW ways to release Gilad Shalit

NOT by telling more about the pain of the young man and his family – this is well-known, and makes his sadistic keepers only more cock-sure about their abnormal demands; BUT by declaring that Hamas commits war crimes in this case: when they deny Gilad all visits, Red Cross supervision and other rights of prisoners – rights what Israel gives to all prisoners, even to convicted murderer Palestinian terrorists...

Israeli Prisoner Ridiculed at Hamas Rally

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