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The Truth about the Al-Durra libel, AGAIN! - Take-A-Pen was there Goldstone admits his 2009 Report on Gaza to UNHRC was wrong To Improve Chances of PEACE: Write Your own Letter! Gaza 90K Signed our Petition: 'HAMAS Leaders to Trial for WAR CRIMES!' Is Israel the Villain - or an admired Exemplar of the World? DOCTORS to CURE untreated GANGRENE The Haiti earthquake The Goldstone Report GAZA Operation "Cast lead" Gilad Shalit - Let's protest this Hamas crime! Haaretz Falsifies Restriction on Gaza Imports - CAMERA's Call Iran & Ahmadinejad More Calls for Action Terror in Mumbai – Local Indian matter or Global Terror? Calls for Action Archive
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The Goldstone Report

Take A Pen's submission and actions

Judge Goldstone defending the Goldstone Report
Judge Goldstone defending the Goldstone Report

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Want to laugh at the Goldstone Report?


Goldstone Report Approved despite Serious Flaws, like Suppressing Evidence

The UN "Human Rights Commission" and the GA adopted Goldstone''s Report with great Muslim-led majority. In the HRC 25 states voted for, 6 against, 15 abstained or absent. The US, Holland, Italy, Hungary, Slovakia and Ukraine voted ''against''. The US justified its vote by the report''s "major flaws".

IDF SPOKESPERON ANNOUNCEMENT: In Response to Rocket Fire on Saturday Morning, IAF Struck Terrorist Sites in the Gaza Strip

In Response to Rocket Fire on Saturday Morning, IAF Struck Terrorist Sites in the Gaza Strip
Israel Air Force fighter jets recently targeted and identified hitting two weapons-manufacturing facilities in the northern and central Gaza Strip and one smuggling tunnel in Gaza''s Rafah border area. The attacks were in response to the firing of a Qassam rocket at the city of Sderot on Saturday morning.

Goldstone report - the terrorists' Magna Carta

The Human Rights Council''s obsession with targeting Israel is common knowledge. Since 2006, 5 of its 11 special sessions were devoted to the Jewish state. Yet in its resolution to establish the fact-finding mission in Gaza, the council outdid itself. By extremely biased wording, it called "to investigate all violations of international human rights law ... by the occupying power, Israel, against the Palestinian people... particularly in the occupied Gaza Strip, due to the current aggression..."
Colonel Richard Kemp
Colonel Richard Kemp

UK Commander's Expert Testimony Stirs UN Controversy by Contradicting Goldstone Report

British Colonel Richard Kemp said it again at the UN Human Rights Council meeting:

“…the Israeli Defence Forces did more to safeguard the rights of civilians in a combat zone than any other army in the history of warfare”

Goldstone Report Ignores Evidence

Our most serious charge is that Goldstone Report ignores crucial evidence. Take-A-Pen''s 2 large Submissions to the mission are mentioned solely in the Report''s Annexure and in a footnote. No sign that the Mission read them and used any word or hard evidence presented there. The same Mission which quoted tens of unsubstantiated pages by sources known of fierce anti-Israel bias, overlooked information and even hard evidence we and others submitted, if unfit for its predefined conclusions.

MEMORANDUM To the President of The United Nations Human Rights Council

2009/09/30 - Using the evidence Take-A-Pen and others submitted to the Mission would have essentially changed the Goldstone Report. But Judge Goldstone suppressed all evidence standing in the way of his ambitions

Israel's Analysis and Comments on the Goldstone Report

September 15th, 2009
Israel is appalled and disappointed by the Goldstone Report published on 15 September 2009 by the Gaza Fact Finding Mission. The Report effectively ignores Israel''s right of self defense, makes unsubstantiated claims about its intent and challenges Israel''s democratic values and rule of law.

Human Rights Council/Goldstone Report

September 15th, 2009
There have been tens of International inquiries into events in the Gaza Operation, and Israel has cooperated fully with almost all of them. Only in those instances where it seemed clear beyond any doubt that the initiative was motivated by a political agenda and not concern for human rights, did Israel decide not to cooperate. Unfortunately the Human Rights Council Fact Finding Mission (the "Goldstone Mission") was one of these.
IDF aeral map of rocket launchers near civilian ar
IDF aeral map of rocket launchers near civilian ar

NEW: Take-A-Pen's SUPPLEMENTARY MEMORANDUM to UN Fact-finding Mission - July 22

We present new hard evidence supporting one of the statements in our Memorandum to the UN: that Hamas deliberately committed a Human Shield war crime by exposing its own Protected Civilian Objects (schools, hospitals, mosques etc.) in Gaza to lethal danger. See 2 IDF aerial maps showing locations of rocket launchers adjacent to such PCO-s. Hamas’ hope was obviously to maximize its civilian casualties. This is a severe War Crime. It also explains at least part of the Palestinian civilian casualties.

TAKE-A-PEN's original MEMORANDUM to the UN Gaza Fact-finding Mission

This is a comprehensive study by Take-A-Pen, submitted to the UN''s Goldstone Fact-finding Mission on 30 June 2009, about Eleven types of Major War Crimes Hamas has committed; i. a. Deliberately targeting civilians; Using their own civilian population as human shield & Incitement to genocide

Video Memorandum from Maurice Ostroff to the UN Human Rights Council Fact-finding Mission


Maurice's Supplementary memorandum to the Goldstone Mission

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