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Take A Pen for the truth about Israel
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Mission statement

This Women Write for Israel!  project was launched by Take-A-Pen and WIZO jointly with the ambitious mission to help women around the world to express themselves more efficiently, particularly about Israel and about women issues in the Arab-Israel conflict. To do this by writing letters to the media and to politicians; spreading the truth, countering ignorance and misinformation, to bring peace closer for all the women in the region. To make the whole world a better place.

The Women Write for Israel! Project's main tools are WIZO's Newsletters and TAP's multilingual (18) website which provides actual and factual information, addresses and all guidance to make public letter-writing easier. 
But the most important contributors to the project are to be the women membership and readers of both WIZO and Take-A-Pen. We hope you will express your views vigorously in personal letters to media and to politicians, more effectively through this project than before.


For further inspiration for letter-writing you can read again Brenda's Newsletter, or look for further ides on the whole Take-A-Pen site, in any of its 18 languages too. Many practical addresses of media, government heads, ministers and officials and international organizations around the world you can find on the Take-A-pen site. 


Whatever topic you choose, whatever way you write - it is good. The main thing is that You write one short letter NOW. If many of us will do this, we can change the world around Israel for the better.  
So write Your letter now with
Women Write for Israel!


With any idea or question contact contact@takeapen.org  

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