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Anti-Israel Spookes in BBC – the 'Biased Bigotry Corporation'

From AIM, Take-a-Pen's London Correspondent  - October 25th

The anti-Israel bias of BBC news programmes have been well documented. Now we have anti-Israeli prejudice in  BBC drama programmes. "Spooks" a hit series about British counterespionage has several episodes in which the villains are Israeli government agents masquerading as Al Quaeda. In two current episodes they seize control of the Saudi Embassy in London, take hostages and begin to kill them in cold blood. Viewers especially Muslim viewers will see in this justification for the fantasy that it was the Mossad who blew up the World Trade Centre disguised as Al Quaeda operatives. The plot line includes accusations of dual loyalities amongst the Jewish characters. The writer of some of the most recent episodes is a Lebanese-born author named Raymond Khoury.  A previous episode of "Spooks" focused on Arab terrorists, so presumably someone decided that for balance, Israelis would also have to be shown as insane, sadistic murderers. Melanie Phillips in her blog diary writes: "only a few days ago people were taken aback to read the brazen admissions of bias made by BBC bigwigs at their 'impartiality' seminar. But this is much more than political bias. This is deep, culturally embedded venomous bigotry". 

Letter-Writing Call:

Watch out for 'Spooks' on your local TV stations - the BBC will no doubt wish to sell it on. You can see snippets by googling "Spooks" and if you then want to complain write to:
Ms Lorraine Heggessey, Controller. BBC One. Wood Lane, London.W12 7RJ.

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