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Letter to the BBC, sent 14.7.2003


As a Brit who has just had the pleasure of spending nine days in your great country as part of the Lawyers Mission to Israel - including the opportunity to personally congratulate the government official who had the guts to stand up to the BBC - may I add my small voice to those of your correspondents who have hammered the corporation?

This is the same BBC that in the 1930s kept Winston Churchill off the airwaves for fear of upsetting the Nazis.

 In truth, the BBC's reputation for impartiality was always overblown, and it has now gone forever. Well done, Israeli government.

It will come as small comfort, but the BBC hates Britain almost as much as it hates Israel. For over 30 years it has rammed the European Union down our throats - the same blood-stained EU that sponsors Palestinian terror and deserves to be treated as a fully paid-up member of the Axis of Evil.

May I take this opportunity to thank every intelligence officer, military commander, soldier, border guard, policeman, government official, terror victim, rabbinical scholar and judge we met during our mission, not leaving out those "ordinary" Israelis gracious enough to receive us in their homes.

I came away from Israel with an abiding sense of the decency and courage of is people in the face of terror and a renewed determination to see the UK ally itself with Israel in its hour of need.

Michael Shrimpton
Watermead, Bucks, UK

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