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Take A Pen for the truth about Israel
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Children of the Middle East

Take-a-Pen calls for action to give the children of the Middle East a vision for a future of which they have been sadly deprived.

Respect for human rights is an essential ingredient for achieving peace in the Middle East.  When we ask ourselves, Who is most deserving of this respect? Who are the ones least able to protect themselves? Who are the ones most important to the future?, one answer emerges: the children are the key.

Palestinian children have become pawns of the politicians who are their leaders. Inside their schools, these children are subjected to defamatory indoctrination. Outside the schools, they are forced and coerced into participating in acts of terror. Both of these forms of exploitation are in violation of international law.

The Palestinian children's Israeli counterparts are constantly exposed to the physical threat of terror and suffer the consequential psychological and physiological effects.

These situations are unacceptable in a modern society.

 You can help bring the vision of peace closer for these children.

Beyond educating yourself and your friends about the tragic realities that face the children of the Middle East, you can do something:  you can write to human rights organizations, church groups, elected representatives and others, encouraging them to take a stand. 

When you see a newspaper article about any event in the Middle East, write to the paper and ask them and their readers to consider the children.

In short - bring the spotlight of world focus onto the future of the Middle East - the children. 

A short, polite, personal letter can have significant impact.

Not all of us feel confident in writing letters. We may not know exactly where to find the information we need in order to respond to even the most blatantly biased reporting. We know what we feel, but we don't know how to articulate our questions and how to prove our positions with facts.

Take a Pen is pleased to be able to help fill the gap and provide you the tools you'll need for taking part in this important task.

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