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Take A Pen for the truth about Israel
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Letter to Secretary General of the United Nations

To: Sir  Ban-Ki-Moon,

SecretaryGeneral of the United Nations



Sir Ban-Ki-Moon,                                                                     4 February 2008


We follow with great respect your activity. We ask you to take action about the following tragic event too.


A 74 year old woman was killed, a person died later of his wounds and there were many wounded by an Arab suicidal terror attack in Dimona, Israel today. 

The Palestinian reaction in Gaza was celebration, dancing and distributing sweets and flowers in the streets.


I believe you should express firmly your strong condemnation,. not only of the terror attack but also of the inhumane Palestinian behavior afterwards.

Your firm condemnation will discourage similar terror attacks, because terror's primary goal is to gain positive PR, so negative PR will hit their motivation.


Respectfully, and with our best wishes to you,




Chairman, Take-A-Pen multilingual


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