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BBC – an Accomplice to Terror?

To: Mr  Michael Grade CBE  -  Chairman
The British Broadcasting Corporation                                                 25 April 2005

Board of Governors


Broadcasting House

London W1A 1AA
United Kingdom


Dear Sir,

     Sub:  "BBC - an Accomplice to Terror?"


I am writing this letter as one who was once an admirer of the BBC but who today feels, together with an entire nation and with a whole truth-loving international grass-roots organisation I represent here, being victimized by what we see as the malpractices of the BBC News and political commentaries.  I am attempting herewith to propose to you a co-operation in investigating out-of-court a most serious suspicion against certain BBC malpractices.


After carefully listening for years to the endless and mostly ineffective complaints against BBC's pro-terror and anti-Israeli bias, I have recently called for a wide dispute, including legal professionals, about the BBC News and political commentaries, whether they have, or have not, moved beyond biased reporting and beyond even partisan representation of terror's interests and become actual accomplices to terrorism and to certain acts of terror!?

My article, presenting the procedure of a first inquiry into this question and its findings: "BBC - an Accomplice to Terror?" - is ready today for publication and distribution in the 10 to 18 working languages of Take-A-Pen.  Behind this article stands a wider study with numerous fully documented cases supporting each and every statement in the article.


The Executive Summary of the study is attached herewith.  I felt it appropriate that you as Chairman of the BBC's new Board of Governors could see our material before wide publication and I am offering co-operation before its confrontational publicity becomes inevitable.  I believe in the basic good will of man, of mankind, of the BBC.  However we all have seen it too often how a community or a whole country can march as one man towards a tragedy or towards the commission of serious crimes in which most of the marchers would not knowingly and willingly participate. I am afraid some in the BBC News might have been in such a march against basic human values in the Middle East in these years.


I'd like to investigate our suspicions together with you.  If the Board finds them not without foundation and takes the substantial and draconic steps required to correct things and to repair damage done, I have no intention to hurt the BBC in any way.  If our side gets convinced that we are not right, we shall retract our claim.  The third case is that we can't find a solution together and then our side will pursue justice further. I think this is a fair proposal.


I respectfully invite the co-operative response of the Board of Governors and if it reaches me in a formal way like by mail by 20 May 2005, I'll gladly discuss with you how to publish and solve this case.  If you need it for your decision, upon request I send you immediately the wider article version.


Looking forward to your earliest convenience,


Sincerely Yours,



Endre Mozes

Chairman, Take-A-Pen Multilingual

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