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Disturbing article in DePaulia

EXAMPLE LETTER: Disturbing article in DePaulia - DePaul University's magazine

To: Mr Dennis Holtschneider
President, DePaul University

Dear Mr Holtschneider:

I was truly shocked to read this report that appeared in the magazine of DePaul University. If you read the article it appears in some way to highlight a hidden agenda here as it seems to be that your university actively espouses the Palestinian cause as evidenced by the hosting and financially supporting the Palestinian art exhibition which according to this article, is little more than political propaganda.
This calls into question the motivation for the suspension of Professor Thomas Klocek, as it appears to be the same agenda and it seems the university itself supports, even if not willingly, a pro Palestinian political ethos.

Despite all protestations to the contrary, the way Professor Klocek is being treated seems to have strong links with the fact that he dared to express a view that highlighted some of the historical inaccuracies of the anti Israel, pro Palestinian propaganda that his student accusers, who say they "felt threatened by his behaviour" were peddling. Anyone who has seen the behaviour and confidence of the Muslim students who actively promote their political cause on campus are unlikely to accept that a large group of these students would feel threatened by a single individual, whom they did not even know was a professor at the university.

Do you have any comments on the feeling that it was inappropriate for DePaul to actively promote and financially support an exhibition that vilified Israel, and in particular dishonored the memory of the former Israeli Prim Minister who did more than almost anyone to promote peace in the region.

Joy Wolfe

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