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Letter to Editor: What country is Israel?

To: Newsweek

Dear Letter Editor                                           8 January, 2005

Sub: What country is Israel? 


The strange impression that the writer of "Palestinian elections revisited" writes about an imaginary dark Israel she has never seen. I have been in that country several times and several weeks in recent years, and found a country totally different from your picture. Israel is not only creative in many fields what is more known but also a beautiful country. People are radiating a special Israeli "joie de vivre", and though they are not too polite formally but are genuinely considerate and helpful in major problems and towards the weaker minorities - and to clueless tourists. The most different thing from your article is that I heard from many people from all walks of life that in front of all the endless Arab hatred and hostility, Israelis do not give in to a culture of hatred but sincerely want peace.


Respectfully yours,

Helga Zimmermann

Dortmund, Germany


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