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Israeli Preemptive Strikes - Essential and Justified

March 21, 2004


Israel's self-interest demands that the government protect its inhabitants from the murderous attacks of Palestinian suicide terrorists and other forms of assault.


There is now also the fear, both here and abroad, of mega attacks aimed at killing and maiming fearful numbers.


We have an absolute right to expect our security and defense forces to protect us from such barbarous intent. We must have this protection before Palestinian murder and mayhem envelopes us.


This moral guideline was valid even when the number of killed and wounded was relatively small, as in bus attacks. The threat of mega terrorism increases this justification a thousand fold or more.


Retaliation after the event is a necessary deterrent. But retaliation cannot restore the lives of innocents. Coming after the event it neither revives the dead nor returns lost quality of life to the living. Life will never be the same for bereaved and destroyed families, nor for the traumatized and disabled.


Preemption Is A Given


That is why preemption must be an absolute given for which Israel has no need to apologize. If anything, Israel should apologize to the bereaved and hurt for not having prevented murder-obsessed Palestinian terrorists from carrying out their cruel savagery.

It is true that from time to time persons other than those specifically targeted may be hurt or even lose their lives during our operations. Israel invariably expresses regret even though these individuals were often in their company, as aiders and abettors, or living shields, of those on Israel's most wanted terrorist list.

Nevertheless it is also true that Israel does its best to avoid so called civilian casualties. Whereas Palestinian terrorists deliberately aim for the greatest number of civilian casualties. Mass death is their unambiguous objective.

The fact that Palestinian terrorists seldom if ever wear uniform in shootouts does not make them civilians. Those who harbor and succor terrorists, their planners, handlers and financiers, are equally guilty.


The greater the bloodletting of Israeli civilians, young and old, the more intensive Arab rejoicing. Mobs whoop and dance in the streets and fire guns in the air. There's no restraining their glee, no hiding their bloodthirsty joy . . . while Israelis mourn their bereaved and endure the pain of their wounded.


Who Incites Race Hatred?


You may find it hard to credit - but the think tank behind the Road Map found it necessary to require both the Palestinian Authority and Israel to stop continued incitement - at the outset of Phase 1. I quote:

  • "All official Palestinian institutions end incitement against Israel."

  • "All official Israeli institutions end incitement against Palestinians."

Incitement and hatred are inseparable because incitement is both the cause and result of hatred. That the Palestinian Terrorist Authority officially institutes anti-Jewish incitement and race hatred is not in doubt. The sources of hatred and incitement are embedded in the Koran for all to read. More specifically:


  • Their educational books from kindergarten to university are explicit promote Jew hatred. Israeli educational texts do not incite Jews to terrorism; do not teach hatred of Arabs.

  • Their maps never show the Jewish State - it has seemingly, already been eliminated. Israeli cartography is accurate.

  • Their official publications are replete with contempt, race hatred and anti-Jewish incitement. The converse does not apply to Israel.

  • Islamic institutions are funded and officially supported by the Palestinian Terrorist Authority. Imans routinely preach sermons of intense anti-Israel incitement. Rabbis do nothing of the sort.

  • Their radio and TV broadcasts propagandize the Palestinian Terrorist Authority's anti-Jewish mission without let up. Israeli TV and radio provide unequalled opportunities for Arab viewpoints.

  • Their newspapers, supported by official advertising, grants and favors (not to overlook intimidatory discipline) cause them to follow the Palestinian Terrorist Authority's line without deviation. Israeli media are independent and often fiercely critical.

  • The not unexpected effect of unbridled Arab race hatred and incitement is such that any Jew who blunders into any Arab town will almost certainly and horribly be dispatched by blood hungry, angry mobs. (As has happened on each such occasion.)

  • The converse does not apply to Israel. Arabs work and shop in Israel. None has ever been lynched.



By Jock L. Falkson


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