07/12/2023 02:08:57
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Flagrant failure

An impartial observer must surely be amazed at the illogical, even hysterical, condemnation of Israel's anti-terrorist barrier (ATB), especially since Article XV of the Oslo 2 Interim Agreement obliges both sides to prevent acts of terrorism. Having regard to the Palestinian Authority's flagrant failure to comply with its obligations under this article, Israel's construction of the ATB should be welcomed as a non-violent means of complying with its obligations, which will hopefully obviate the necessity of incursions by the Israel army into PA territory to prevent the awful terror attacks.
   It is difficult to understand the violent condemnation of this defensive ATB, while complete silence is maintained about the PA's violation of its obligation under Article XXII to abstain from incitement and to ensure that its educational system contributes to peace between the Israeli and Palestinian peoples. Surely the world must at last realize that the prevalent, obscene incitement to hate and to glorify indiscriminate killing is the fundamental cause of the terror, which is spreading internationally.
Maurice Ostroff
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