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OPEN LETTER To Norway’s Minister of Finance Ms. Kristin Halvorsen


Tel: +47 22 24 41 00


Subject: Thanks for Norway's divestment of Israel


Honorable Ministerin, Ms. Kristin Halvorsen-quislingsen:            2009-09-06


I thought it would be the honor you well deserved if I express somehow how your deeds remind me of the most widely known Norwegian politician of all times. Limitless ambition, talent and eagerness to embrace Israel's deadly enemies are your common denominators. You are now also widely known of that.


May I express my deep gratitude to you for the divestment of Norwegian government-controlled funds from the Israeli company Elbit, which, you thought, is manufacturing parts of the Israeli security "wall".  This is a technical mistake, and I'll explain that to you later. But more important now is my thanks; sincere thanks without "quotation marks" or ‘reverse commas'.


I am thanking You, because I, as an Israeli and a Holocaust survivor, have always been troubled somewhat by the lack of clarity; why has investments in an Israeli firm been allowed to a government the predecessor of which was the first and longest to serve Nazism in Europe and the only government on earth whose head came forward and volunteered to serve Nazism before being forced. While the present government has not demonstrated a strong record of crystal clear, consistent, sincere and long-lasting words and deeds intended to repair those tragedies Norway was once part of. Unlike successive German governments, which have said and did it whole-heartedly and consistently.  Now, after Your divestment I feel much better; the distinction is clear: one can see where Norway did invest and where it does not.


More recently in 2006, the Norwegian government was the first in Europe (and to the best of my knowledge the only one until today) to recognize the Hamas terror organization's new government in Gaza, whose declared purpose was then - and remained until now - the annihilation of Israel. A government that killed brutally, in masses, its such so-called Palestinian ‘brothers', who only dared to start thinking of peace with Israel. Also every anti-Israeli NGO and semi-terror organization on earth has Norwegian government as #1 on its funding list. Three rather similar Norwegian global "firsts", in 70 years... 


To make it even more clear, may I request you and the whole Norwegian administration, to dump also all your computers to the beautiful Norwegian sea - because, you should know, in each and every one of your computers the "Intel inside" expression means those bl..dy Israeli Jews contributed to it. Similarly, throw away all your mobile phones, take out and throw away please the stents from the veins of your heart-diseased and elderly, discard a dozen other life-saving Israeli medical developments,  and a great many other things. And, if it turns out that modern life is simply impossible without using Israeli developments, don't stop your campaign; for your kin to die Jew-free - sorry, Israeli-free - may be worth the calamity.   


I promised you a technical explanation about the "wall" - which is not a wall. It is normal that You as a faithful anti-Israel political activist, must say what you are told to; and you don't have to know the miniscule technical details that Elbit is a high-tech company, which manufactures leading high-tech products for the whole world and also the electronic parts of the Israeli security alarm fence. While a "wall" (which by-the-way makes only 4% of the total length of Israel's anti-terror barrier) is made of reinforced concrete and Elbit doesn't manufacture any such thing.  But please, because of the trifle thing that your premises were totally untrue; don't by any chance step back from your divestment, which makes me feel better.


Even if it is not a wall, Israel's security fence discloses the real nature of those stubborn Jews, again!  Norway was the second state in Europe (after Estonia) to achieve the state of "judenrein' in early 1943, after its Nazi collaborators first interned and then deported to Auschwitz - in spite of brave civilian and Christian resistance - Norway's 763 Jews of which 739 were killed and only 24 survived to return to Norway, which was ‘judenrein' for two years.

The stubborn Israeli Jews today do not want to peacefully accept any such treatment! Neither being killed by Palestinian terrorists - so they built the Anti-Terror Barrier - nor being prohibited from living in Judea and Samaria where their forefathers have continuously lived for more than 3000 years.  

True, parts of these territories may become parts of a miraculously peaceful future Palestine. 'Miraculously' I said, because no peaceful recognition of Israel whatsoever has been heard from any Palestinian leadership yet. But, in case, these questions arise: Why can 1.4 million Arabs live in Israel peacefully, with definitely more human rights than their brothers have in any Arab country - but five times less Jews can not live in future Palestine?  Why do You, and official Norway dream of a Jew-clean - ‘judenrein' - Palestine?


I know more nice Norwegian people through the net. This summer I personally met a Norwegian group adventuring across less known non-urban Israel where we could talk less formally. They told me that most of the Norwegian people don't hate but respect or love Israel; it is only - sorry, I quote: "a rather rotten minority in government and media, appeasing the ugliest forces again, by anti-Israeli support, funding and incitement".  Sounds reasonable; history shows that sometimes a few can play a whole country to the hands of an enemy - but it's primarily an inner Norwegian matter.


What clear is that ‘something is rotten in the state of Norway' - in leftist-elitist official Norway.  To make the air better the new quislings should step down themselves or be made to do so.

Then I'll heartily welcome any co-operation with Norwegians, to the benefits of both people.  In the meantime I gladly co-operate with Grieg, Ibsen, Munch and Heyerdahl, and with that great peaceful hero, Kaare Kristiansen, who resigned from the Nobel Prize Committee, to protest the Peace Prize given to arch-terrorist Arafat.  And, gladly, with any present-day honest Norwegian.





Founder chairman

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