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Israel hatred united neo-Nazis and Leftwing groups in Sweden

A leftist group called "Stop the Match" will hold the main demonstrations against Israel during the match of 6-8 March. A direct neo-Nazi group called "Comradeship Karlskrona" will walk among them as well as a semi-terrorist/terrorist network called Global Intifada. It is interesting to note that a neo-Nazi group can find common ground among Islamists and Leftist groups. However, according to research, a common ground found among the two adversaries is hatred against Israel as well as in some cases, direct anti-Semitism.

The latter network placed timed demo charges tied to firebombs in 3 supermarkets close to Stockholm on 26 February. The supermarkets were all destroyed, but no one was hurt. The cause of the attacks were according to the group that the supermarkets had sold Israeli and American goods.

Global Intifada has also attacked other targets in the past, among them 2 diplomatic cars in 2005 and a bomb against the Swedish Defence Material Aquisitions Authority in 2006. All of the bombs were firebombs and timed demo charges.

The Swedish equivalent to the Israeli Shabak, Säpo, has launched an investigation.

The decision by the municipality of Malmö to play the match without spectators has led to both Swedish as well as international condemnation, especially among sport authorities. The head of the municipality in the city, Mr. Ilmar Reepalu, said: "it is not a match against anyone, it is a match against the state of Israel". He also claimed that "Israel murdered 400 children in Gaza" as well as compared Israel´s actions to what Nazis did to the Jews during the Holocaust, a statement he later withdrew.

With such accusations and especially when the Jewish community in the city and Jewish shop owners have received more threats, it is repugnant that Mr. Reepalu openly states his support for playing the game without spectators.

Martin Telinius, Master´s in Political Science

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