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A picture can say 1001 words

the one extra word being “Pallywood”... In Gaza too...

by Endre MOZES , Take-A-Pen 


For years already we have been watching the unacceptable phenomena - but almost standard practice - when Palestinian propaganda and some greedy Western media co-operate in media fakes. One prepares and the other markets fraudulous, faked and staged photos, captions and whole videos, disguised as news.  Such photos and fake news, played by Palestinian armed and unarmed actors instructed by a director and filmed by a crew, were so widespread that they deserved nicknames like "PLI"  (paraphrasing on PLO, and standing for ‘Palestinian Lie Industry'), and, even better: ‘Pallywood'.


We would like to believe that the Western media were only misled and did such things unwittingly - as it is the case in our first example below.  The new Pallywood gem ‘from Gaza' was found and shared by this blog:  http://israelmatzav.blogspot.com/2009/01/picture-says-1000-words.html , this way:

"This picture with its caption says 1000 words about the media's coverage of Israel's war in Gaza. It's so bad that apparently, even the Jerusalem Post, from whose front page I snipped this, has been taken in:


For those of you who don't get it, look at the writing on the board on the right and left sides of the picture. That ain't Arabic - but Hebrew. And I'll guarantee you that UNRWA doesn't teach Hebrew in Gaza. Hmmm..."


But in opposite cases the fake, or even worse: the staged libel, must have been obvious for any professional; however some respected media organs continued to distribute their fake and libelous anti-Israel pieces; it was good for the rating. The Mohammed Al-Durra fraud; the staged video of a lone Palestinian cameraman, and the totally unfounded accusation of Israel with a child-murder by state owned France-2 TV, in 2000, has been one of the most famous and the most damaging single fabrication. It incited waves of hatred and murderous vengeance for years, but France-2 became less cock-sure in accusing Israel only after the Paris Appeal Court decided against it on May 21, 2008. The BBC News, the largest news organization on earth, is maybe the worst offender. He BBC News has distributed many deceitful items, unrepentantly even when well-documented facts negated their standpoint. For example the BBC continued to spread the false inciting accusation of "the Jenin massacre" - as if Israel killed 500 civilians - long after every serious source, including a dedicated UN committee justified Israel's previous announcements: a total 53 Palestinians were killed in Jenin, mostly young males in arms. The BBC has never apologized, or called those perpetrators of suicide-homicide bombings against Israeli civilians as "terrorists".


Pallywood is back now, in Gaza this time. The tragedy in Gaza is real; each civilian death or injury is tragic. But false reporting flourishes. The trained eye sees lots of fake photos and staged videos. Par In the same time the real reasons are covered up brutally. Adult Gazans don't have to be reminded what to say and what not. But two bereaved little children in Gaza did not know the rules yet . They had similar fate, they tragically lost their family and were interviewed live on Al-Jazeera. When they started to tell that it was Hamas which ruined their life - they were cut off immediately.  


Israel announces again and again that it makes all possible effort to spare civilian lives as much as possible. Among others it warns civilians by leaflets and on the phone before bombings. Israel said on January 14th that out of the 970 dead Gazans an estimated 700 were Hamas gunmen and operatives, about half of them known by name, and that civilian casualties were between 200 and 250.  A circumstantial evidence to this is the number of casualties itself: so many ..


The BBC does not want to learn from its active role supporting the Jenin Lie against true Israeli data; they parrot again unreservedly the Hamas propaganda about 300 children killed.  BBC's Kathie Adler "reported" about Gaza on January 14, 3:02pm GMT, this way: "Israel continues bombing Gaza day and night..." (true, though tendentious,)  "...the bodies of children and women are filling the cemeteries of Gaza."  No facts, no sources; this is no journalism whatsoever, only a malevolent, extremist, inciting propaganda phrase.  


With our very low view about BBC news' integrity we are not alone. Most or all independent mediawatch sources seem to agree that "The BBC throws journalistic integrity out of the window" says a well-documented article of the prestigious media-watch NGO, HonestReporting, too.


So, the 1001st word, some Pal photos, videos, captions and stories say,  is: "Pallywood".  One more hint the number 1001 gives to the attentive mind is that, it would be nice if the BBC News and its

kin could keep the "Tales of 1001 Nights" within the rich Arabic folklore. And out of the news about Israel

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