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Travels with Blondi: A bereaved Israeli father keeps his murdered son's memory alive and asks others to live out his dreams - by Aryeh Dean Cohen, Jerusalem Post


On 5th March 2003, Asaf, a 17-year old Israeli high school student nicknamed "Blondi", was on his way back from school in Haifa.  A suicide bomber exploded on Asaf's bus, killing him and sixteen other innocent Israeli children, elderly, men and women. 


As every young Israeli does, Asaf would have finished high school and Israeli army service and would have gone on a trip to see the world.  Now, Asaf's father Yossi is sending Asaf on his world tour.  He has made available Asaf's picture online and asks people to help take Asaf to wherever they go - India, Thailand, New Zealand or the Wall of China.  Wherever you go, take out the picture, photo it in the place you are and email it to Yossi@Blondi.co.il, becoming part of "Blondi's World Tour," a campaign to keep the memory of Asaf "Blondi" Zur alive and to put a face on the battle against the terrorists.


"I felt, and I still feel, that it's my role to take his picture and go out into the world from person to person and say: 'Look, this is Asaf, my son; look what the world lost when this happened.'" - Yossi Zur, Asaf's father.  See: Blondi's world tour website

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