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Take A Pen's response to the Goldstone Report and new submission to the UN HRC

Take A Pen published a comprehensive editorial in response to the Goldstone Report, which shows and documents how "The Goldstone Report Suppressed Evidence" if that was unfit to Judge Goldstone's predefined conclusions. The complete editorial can be found on our Goldstone Report Page.

As a follow up Take A Pen submitted a Memorandum to the President of the United Nation Human Rights Council (HRC).  


TAKE-A-PEN's contributions to the Goldstone Report

A comprehensive study by Take-A-Pen, submitted to the UN''s Goldstone Gaza Fact-finding Mission on 30 June 2009, about Eleven types of Major War Crimes Hamas has committed; i. a. Deliberately targeting civilians; Using their own civilian population as human shield & Incitement to genocide. Take A Pen also submitted a supplementary Memorandum in which we present new hard evidence supporting one of the statements in our Memorandum to the UN: that Hamas deliberately committed a Human Shield war crime by exposing its own Protected Civilian Objects (schools, hospitals, mosques etc.) in Gaza to lethal danger. See 2 IDF aerial maps showing locations of rocket launchers adjacent to such PCO-s. Hamas’ hope was obviously to maximize its civilian casualties. This is a severe War Crime. It also explains at least part of the Palestinian civilian casualties.

Sign & Distribute Petition: 'HAMAS LEADERS TO TRIAL!'

In these times Take A Pen's petition becomes even more relevant! Our petition to bring the Hamas leaders to trial for war crimes has already received the support of 90,000 people all around the world.

In light of the false accusations (as usual) against Israel in Gaza and the biased and distorted public opinion whenever it comes to Israel, we urge you to read the petition and sign it. This is your chance to act with us against the unjust treatment of Israel by the UN.

Read the petition | Sign the Petition


Our Petition was submitted by Sderotresidents to the U.N - Read about it in the Jerusalem Post!







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Are you frustrated sometimes by how the media covers Israel? Take a Pen with us, write your own letter to the media, to decision-makers. Have Influence!

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