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Success Stories

Successes?!  We know that it is not easy, sensational success doesn't happen all the time.  But if you ask: 'Fine, but have your letters ever helped?' - the answer is a decisive 'Yes'! - Though it is true that the effects are not easy to measure.  We can present and fully document quite a few of Take-A-Pen success stories, such as: > 

The 'Take-A-Pen versus The Guardian' Story

The end of the story is, that The Guardian apologized in an extensive web article, admitting that Take-A-Pen''s "complaint was justified", and it publicly corrected its previous title, unfair to Israel. How did it happen?

Take A Pen ranks high on the Internet


Take-A-Pen in the Media


The 'Take-A-Pen versus The BBC' Story

The BBC News is beyond doubt the largest news organization on earth; broadcasting in 43 languages to hundreds of millions. Unfortunately this giant has for the last fifteen years been found heavily biased against Israel and complaints about it have been practically ignored.
Take-A-Pen''s sharp attacks and personal contacts with BBC''s then Chairman of the Board of Governors led in 2006 to great efforts by the Board to improve this situation...

Take-A-Pen versus "The Wall"

One of the fiercest media battles in these years has been about Israel''s Security Fence - what was widely denounced as ''The Wall''...

The Story of 'Pak-jePen' – or Take-A-Pen in Holland

In October 2000 I met in Haifa a group of Dutch people bringing lots of tulip bulbs as the Christenen Voor Israel''s present to the Israeli people. These Dutchmen, led by Pee Koelewijn, came to cheer up Israelis, to help them out from their depression - after Israel received in September 2000 the terror-wave of the ''armed intefada'' as the Palestinian response to Israeli hopes and concessions following the Oslo accord...

The Take-A-Pen Story in Finland - 'Suomen Take-A-Pen' and Friends, devoted to the Truth - Changed Finnish Media

About the Take-A-Pen story in Finland we do not have to say much ourselves, we''ll simply quote later from the extensive article published about Take-A-Pen in the major Finnish daily KESKISUOMALAINEN...

How volunteers defeated anti-Israeli incitement in Melbourne

How volunteers defeated anti-Israeli incitement in Melbourne. A success story of people Taking A Pen...

British Lecturers Defeat Israel Boycott

The UK's Association of University Teachers overturned their previous decision to boycott Haifa and Bar-Ilan universities in Israel in a dramatic two-to-one vote in London on Thursday. The 40,000-member Union voted last month, without debate, without sufficient quorum and so in a way many saw as illegal, to boycott the Israeli academic institutions for what it alleged were actions that undermined Palestinian rights and academic freedom. There has been a wide international protest against the pr


How our website quickly grew to 18 languages and gained great popularity, since 2001.
How The Guardian apologized in an extensive article, acknowledging that Take-A-Pen's "complaint was justified", and how they corrected a previous heading.
Why was the BBC News' Israel-Palestinian coverage exposed to an independent Impartiality Review? Take-A-Pen was one of the initiators and main submitters to this Review. See also our correspondence with BBC Chairman of the Board of Governors, Michael Grade.
Take-A-Pen versus "The Wall": Our article-and-photo series called "Remove all the fences" have been popular worldwide; translated to many languages and quoted in websites.
Our Dutch Christian branch Pak-je-Pen was founded during my visit there in 2001. Their first letters published attracted further Dutchmen to write letters for Israel's truth.
The Finnish Take-A-Pen team and their letter-writer friends achieved several corrections by leading papers. A F

TAP Calls for Action

Are you frustrated sometimes by how the media covers Israel? Take a Pen with us, write your own letter to the media, to decision-makers. Have Influence!
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