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Take A Pen for the truth about Israel

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To view the letters to editors and letters to VIPs we, our activists and friends in the world sent and got published, click above, or on the side menu or the menu below this introduction.


This is one of our latest:  Irish Letter: Gaza Flotilla Is NOT Humanitarian  (Red Cross in Gaza: ‘No humanitarian crisis in Gaza')


Our letters are well worth reading, either on their own merit or as a source or example. When you read in a paper or see on  TV something irritating and biased against the truth about Israel - use them to write your own letter.


‘But why to write?’ – one may ask - ‘Does public Letter-Writing have an influence?'  Definitely, yes! Did you know that Readers’ Letters are by far the most read parts of every newspaper?  Five times more people read a whole letter, than a whole front page article?


Take A Pen's Letters section is one of the most important parts of our site. Letter writing to editors or to VIPs is our favorite way of operation and we'd like to invite you to take an active part in it. If you need assistance, our Letter-Writing Tips can help you to write a more effective letter, with chances to get published. 

Letters to Editors

Do you know that Letters to the Editor in typical newspapers are read by four times more people than even the top front page articles?! Select of many pointed letters here, some read by hundreds of thousands people...

Letters to VIP's

Don''t think: "Who am I to write to such an important person?" Your letter to a Very Important Person can influence! Don''t be afraid to speak up and express your thoughts! See here some successful examplars...


Letter-Writing Tips

You may write because you are angry... But how to get your letter probably published, and then to have maximum impact on its readers?

Women Write for Israel


TAP Calls for Action

Are you frustrated sometimes by how the media covers Israel? Take a Pen with us, write your own letter to the media, to decision-makers. Have Influence!
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