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Take A Pen for the truth about Israel
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About Us

Are you frustrated by the sometimes one-sided dealing of the media with Israel?
Are you fed up with the hypocrisy of some reporters attacking Israel, while at the same time showing sympathy for terrorists? 


- There is something you can do! -


Write to your newspaper! Write to your government and politicians! It is much easier than you think! Simply take your pen (or grab your keyboard!) and write your first letter.


On this site you will find all the information you need, including (but not only!) guidelines for effective letter writing, background information about various topics and useful addresses of members of government, international organizations, TV, Radio stations and the Press. We also publish some letters that were sent by Take-a-Pen supporters.

Who are we?

We are a group of European and Israeli citizens concerned with the increasingly anti-Israel dominated media. It is our goal to educate at all levels, balance the media, improve public relations for Israel and perfect our Christian-Jewish alliance. We are not part of any religious or political organization, we will not attempt to influence Israel's government policies, nor represent this government.


We concentrate our efforts on the European media and parliaments and cooperate with major religious and nonreligious institutions that will help multiply our efforts.

Do you need any more information or would you like to share your ideas, contact us. If you are interested to be a local coordinator of our organization, please send a mail to mailto:chairman@takea-pen.org.


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Take A Pen
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We need your help. Working together we will make a difference!


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Worldwide Movement to Put Hamas on Trial for War Crimes


The Take-a-Pen activist movement has launched a petition demanding that the United Nations place Hamas on trial for war crimes...


TAP Calls for Action

Are you frustrated sometimes by how the media covers Israel? Take a Pen with us, write your own letter to the media, to decision-makers. Have Influence!
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