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Al-Dura Trial: Exclusive Interviews from the Paris Court
  A joint Honestreporting/Take-A-Pen project  - November 14, 2007

Take a Pen's Chairman, Endre MOZES from Paris:

Exclusive: Al-Dura Footage Revealed For the First Time

 “After 7 years finally TV France-2 had to present to the jury the raw footage behind its famous Al-Durrah icon. To everyone’s surprise they presented 18 minutes long materials only instead of 27 minutes they had always talked about – what is rather suspicious in itself.  The main finding from the 18 minutes long movie, which I saw together with the jury, is that there isn’t a single frame which supports in any remote way France 2 Charles Enderlin’s voiceover assessment that Israeli soldiers deliberately killed the boy (or were involved in his death in any way). While I counted many points supporting Philippe Karsenty’s view that the France 2 movie was staged; probably by Talal Abu Rahma, the sole eye-witness Palestinian cameraman.”

 The event’s importance can not be overestimated.  It seems that the Al-Durrah movie proves not the century’s worst brutality by Israel but the century’s biggest and most libelous lie by its adversaries.

Click on the Start Arrow in the photo
to see the Youtube movie and hear the interviews…

Our Call for Action


  more articles on TERRORISM AND THE MEDIA

Take-A-Pen vs. the BBC !!!    -  Take-A-Pen sent 5 large Submissions to the 'Independent Impartiality Review' on the BBC.    
         (I) BBC's "Jenin–massacre" that never was ;
  (II) Handling Major Complaints by the BBC;   

(III) Does the BBC employ a 'Hamas man'?

  (IV) BBC - an Accomplice to Terrorism? 
Read in Finnish, Spanish, Russian, Dutch and other languages:
 BBC – osallinen terrorismiin?   -   Es la BBC complice del terrorismo? БиБиСи – соучастница террористов? - BBC - medeplichtig aan terreur?   

(V) BBC coverage of the battle of Jenin – the so-called demolition of a refugee camp

BBC KNOWS THE TRUTH: SUICIDE BOMBINGS ARE TERROR  but usually prefers not to tell this truth loudly.
** BBC Analysis: Palestinian suicide attacks **
Palestinian suicide attacks aim to kill and injure as many people as possible, and create the greatest amount of fear.
Read the complete BBC article

Student Ambassadors of Israel  

Be an Ambassador of Israel Yourself; Write One Letter  on Israel's truth to the media!

STUDENTS for TRUTH on Israel

The ABC of the Middle Eastern Conflict

Our Mini-Encyclopaedia that may help you write effective letters

New entry on the ABC of the conflict:
R - Right of return - Professor Amnon RUBINSTEIN, the famous and widely respected legal authority, popular parliamentary leader of the liberal left for past decades answers the doubts about the right of return. Read more

On Divestment from Israel
We thought it is a shame to do it, but if you do, do it right!
(click here to read Barry Shaw's "Guide")

Success: Volunteers defeated anti-Israeli incitement in Melbourne

British Lecturers Defeat Israel Boycott   May 27, 2005
The UK's Association of University Teachers overturned their previous decision to boycott Haifa and Bar-Ilan universities in Israel in a dramatic two-to-one vote in London on Thursday. The 40,000-member Union voted last month, without debate, without sufficient quorum and so in a way many saw as illegal, to boycott the Israeli academic institutions for what it alleged were actions that undermined Palestinian rights and academic freedom. There has been a wide international protest against the previous anti-Israeli boycott decision being clearly a politicaL step and against free talk. This time the anti-boycott decision followed "a passionate but measured debate," what many delegates praised.  
Read the
Letter to the IRISH TIMES on BOYCOTT OF ISRAELI COLLEGES, by John Harpur, Vice-President for Public Relations, Irish Federation of University Teachers,

Take-A-Pen's 'Haaretzwatch' Started Watching all Israeli Media

Amira Hass - A long career of  anti-Israel biased reporting at Haaretz

Read some of her "works" and our reactions

Click to read READERS LETTER in 'Haaretzwatch':
Arafat's heritage
(Jan 20, 2005)

Haaretz Watch

"Citizens should insist on a fair press
by Evelyn Gordon, THE JERUSALEM POST  (Feb. 21, 2005 )
or: 'How Ilana Dayan Fabricated a Lie Against IDF'  

Israel's Choice:

Either this security barrier:

or Palestinian terror attacks:

Do you think the UN has the right to decide for Israel?
 If not, write now to the UN representative of your country, as well as to your head of government and minister of foreign affairs!

Here are the contact addresses, here you find a sample letter.

The anti terror barrier

Life 9 Miles from the Mediterranean Sea
Israeli Arabs credit fence for newfound prosperity
Legal Issues of the Fence (A to D)

Madrid, Ashdod, Terror and the Fence

Aussi farmer's letter on Apartheid Wall

Write your letter on the anti terror barrier - Sample Letters
Take a Pen's proposal: "Let's remove all fences in the world"

More on this issue
When did Palestinian terror really start?
WRITE YOUR LETTER wherever you read about Western expectations of Israeli steps for peace;
"... Israel and the Israeli people want peace and are ready for painful sacrifices again for it. But Western politicians and media should stop now pressing  Israel again, but exert pressure now on the Palestinians that they make  at last decisive steps to dismantle their terror infrastructures..."

  Terror is finally defined by UN - Fight against global terror has been hampered by lack of a generally accepted definition of terror. Now there is an official UN definition coming! Click here to read about the Kofi Annan-appointed panel
Click to read: Reader's Letter and write  your own letter whenever you see cases of terrorism whitewashed
Letter to Kofi Anan, Secretary General of The United Nations
New York, Bali, Madrid, Israel To kill is always bad, but to kill a terrorist leader, like Yassin, whose decisions caused and may cause again the death of many innocent people, is right and necessary.
More on this issue
Pressuring mothers to celebrate sons’ martyrdom
key to PA’s success promoting suicide terrorism

(by PMW - March 15, 2005)
PMW: Palestinian children in combat support roles
Abu Mazen: 40 children in Rafah who received money to throw Bangalore torpedos lost their arms
Stop the Cynical Use of Children in Palestinian Terror Bombing - letter of UK lords
Where are you? Israel/Palestine
a letter to Save the Children Fund
Israeli children - Victims of Palestinian Terrorism
More on Palestinian Child Abuse
'Money cannot fix' Palestinian woes before real reform: World Bank
If the Palestinians so want a state, why does Israel not only have to provide the land, but the funding too?  Reader's letter to the Guardian
New Report Analyses European Aid to Palestinians - Finds Evidence of Foul Play
Funding for Peace Coalition (FPC) report documents dozens of recent disclosures, many from Arab sources little reported in Europe and the West.
Palestinian general has been pocketing salaries for 7,000 fictitious troopers
More on this issue
   PALESTINIAN LIE INDUSTRY - PLI and accomplices in the media click for more
Staged desperation

Watch out for co-liars - this is the way the press cheats us

You’ve probably seen dozens of pictures of Palestinian women crying. The wire services love ’em, decent people sympathize with them.
We all were misled once or more.
Have a look now for a second behind the scenes. Today another revealing photo slipped through the ideological filters, showing the scene as a Palestinian woman performs for a hungry battery of cameramen, staged carefully in front of a picturesque section of the security wall.

By mere co-incidence she chose the English inscription where to cry. One look at the smiling child on the right side makes it clear that this kid well understands the cheating media circus. Is it possible that hundreds of news editors and human right organizations do not?"

Photographers take pictures of a Palestinian woman as she "cries"
(AP Photo/Enric Marti)

  Pallywood - Watch the Palestinians create "news items" of faked wounded and killed.
"The Empire of Lies that threatens all of us
  - What is the responsibility of the media?   - And what can We do?    (Chairman's editorial)
The Case of Reuters
A news agency that will not call a terrorist a terrorist
  Fishy Photo How AFP (Agence France-Presse) cheats us, by means of a wide-angle (fisheye) lens to generate an effect of broad, exaggerated destruction.
  The Al Durrah Forgery - The Israeli Crime That Wasn’t
Liar, liar  Middle East's most professional liar: Saeb Erekat, Palestinian "minister of Truth" and inventor of the Lie of the "Jenin massacre", that never was.
AP clashes with truth:
"Israeli forces clashed with Palestinians and peace activists"

See pictures of the event that prove that the civilians clashed with the army and that the "activists" where not so peaceful.
More on the Palestinian Lie Industry


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